Is Crystal Light Keto Friendly?

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Crystal Light is a popular brand of drink mix. And a lot of people love their refreshing and fruity flavors. However, is Crystal Light keto friendly? Continue reading below to find out!

Is Crystal Light Keto Friendly
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What Is Crystal Light?

Crystal Light is a powdered drink mix that was originally sold by General Foods but is now produced by Kraft Heinz.

Crystal Light comes in many different flavors and comes in 4 types namely the Classics, Tea, with Caffeine and Pure. Some of their classic and most famous flavors are Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade and Classic Orange.

Nutritional Information of Crystal Light

Before we answer the question, “is Crystal Light keto friendly?”, let’s look at its nutritional information first. For this post, we will be checking the Raspberry Lemonade Drink Mix.

One packet (2.5g) provides 5 calories only. And it doesn’t contain any fat and is carb-free.

Is Crystal Light Keto Friendly?

Yes and no. Yes, because Crystal Light is low in net carbs. No, because it contains unhealthy ingredients such as sugar. Therefore, Crystal Light is categorized as “dirty keto”.

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For dirty keto products, you may still reach ketosis but the product’s ingredients may cause health problems in the long run.

Keto Alternatives for Crystal Light

Zevia Organic Tea

Zevia is a famous keto friendly beverage brand. And its organic teas are a great alternative to Crystal Light. Aside from being low in carbs, they are made with organic ingredients and sweetened by stevia.

Steaz Lemon Iced Tea

Steaz Unsweetened Lemon Iced Tea is another good alternative to Crystal Light. It is carb-free and has zero fats. Furthermore, it is made from organic and clean ingredients only.

Uncle Matt’s Lemonade

Uncle Matt’s No Sugar Added Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade are both keto friendly. They’re made with organic lemons and sweetened with stevia.

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