How to Clean Dog Ears

how to clean dog ears

Learn how to clean dog ears naturally.

Dogs are a part of our families, providing joy, comfort, and affection. Depending on your dog’s breed, checking and cleaning their ears may be a necessary part of their care routine. Ear infections are common for certain breeds, and can cause discomfort, odors, and potentially serious health issues.

This week, we have an overview on how to clean dog ears, and products to enhance your pet care routine.

Breeds that are Prone to Ear Issues

Certain breeds are prone to ear infections, with basset hounds, golden retrievers, and poodle mixes topping the list. Any dog with long, floppy ears is more likely to get an ear infection as water and bacteria have an ideal home in ears.

How to Spot a Canine Ear Infection

Ear infections in dogs can be painful and the first sign of an issue may be your dog biting and scratching at their ears more than usual. You may also notice a foul odor coming from your dog’s ears or an atypical discharge. To investigate, look inside your dog’s ears and see if they look red or swollen. Your vet can confirm an infection and provide treatment.

How to Clean Dog Ears

To prevent ear infections, it’s wise to clean your dog’s ears regularly and dry thoroughly after bath time. Here is an easy, 5 step process to care for your dog ears like a pro.

Set up Your Station

Before you grab your dog, make sure you have everything laid out. This should include cotton balls, ear care products, and treats as a reward. If your pet is likely to be upset by this process you may also want to enlist some help to hold them still.

Groom Excess Hair if Needed

If you notice excess hair or matted fur in your dog’s ears, gently snip it away before getting started. Well-groomed ears can keep infections from forming.

Apply Solutions and Products

If your dog has long ears, lift their ear flap and squeeze a cleaning solution into the ear. Don’t insert the tip of the bottle too deeply to avoid injury. Next, lay your dog’s ear back down and massage the solution for 30 seconds to break up wax and debris.

Wipe Clean

Next, use your cotton balls or a gauze pad to wipe the ears out and remove any wax or buildup that may have been loosened. Once you’ve finished your dog will likely shake like crazy, this is a completely normal reaction and can help shake out excess fluid from cleaning.

Treat Time!

Before moving on to the next ear, give your good dog a treat and tell them how wonderful they are. Rewarding good behavior during routine grooming will act as an incentive for next time.

Pet Care Products from Natural Healthy Concepts

Natural Healthy Concepts has a host of pet-care products, here are some top-sellers:

Neem Ear & Skin Topical Drops from Ayush Herbs  

Neem Ear & Skin Topical Drops from Ayush Herbs is an herbal formula that promotes healthy skin and ears in pets, using the antibacterial properties of neem oil to soothe and cleanse. Simply put 10-15 drops in each affected ear and massage gently.

Y.U.M. Wash Doggie Soap from Zum

Bath time is even better when you understand what’s in your dog’s shampoo. Y.U.M. Wash Doggie Soap from Zum uses simple, plant-based ingredients citronella, lavender, and olive oil that will have your dog’s tail wagging.

And tips for how to clean dog ears? We would love to hear all about it in the comments section below.

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