Watch Miss Hawaii USA Crush the Navy Physical Fitness Test

In the latest video on his YouTube channel, Navy veteran and fitness influencer Austen Alexander invites Samantha Neyland, a performance coach and Miss Hawaii USA 2019, to take on the U.S. Navy Physical Readiness Test. The PRT has been recently revamped, and the Navy’s Ashley Sepulveda joins Alexander and Neyland to act as proctor during the challenge.

“My goal today is just to finish the whole test, and to finish with a good attitude,” says Neyland.

The first event in the PRT is 2 minutes of pushups. Exhibiting the correct technique is important here: full extension of the arms is required at the upper end of the rep, with the elbows needing to bend to a 90-degree angle at the lower end. After just 1 minute and 25 reps, however, Sepulveda has to put a stop to the test as Neyland lets her knees make contact with the ground for a split second.

Next, Neyland must hold a forearm plank for as long as she possibly can. The plank is a newly introduced part of the test, having replaced the situps portion. Neyland lasts 1 minute 48 seconds before her form crumbles and she collapses to the ground.

The third and final component in the PRT is a 1.5-mile run, consisting of 6 total laps around the track, which Neyland manages to complete in a time of 13:48, showing off some exemplary sprinting form towards the end, even beating Alexander to the finish line.

“Since they’ve changed the Navy PRT, especially since I got out in November, I don’t know the standards,” says Alexander. “My expectation is she did maybe good to medium in the pushups, the plank is maybe satisfactory or good low, and on the run, I think she did good medium or good low.”

Sepulveda calculates that Neyland has achieved an overall score of “good low”, which counts as a pass for a female service member in her age range. “Man, it’s harder than you think,” says Neyland after completing the entire test. “It’s definitely harder than you think. Anything that Austen tells you is easy, don’t worry, it’s fine—run away!”

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