Local artist, musician and healthy living advocate has immersed herself in the film industry


Eric Roberts, left, and Sarah H. Wilkinson on set of “Top Gunner.” (Courtesy of Sarah H. Wilkinson)

Sarah H. Wilkinson is a renaissance woman.

She’s a painter, sculptor, poet, musician and an advocate for healthy living.

Oftentimes, there’s not a spare moment in her day – it’s the way she likes it.

“I’m trying my hand at writing a film and TV series,” she says. “I’ve been trained in creative writing. I want to take it to the next level. I want to write it in book form first and turn it into a series.”

Wilkinson has lived in New Mexico for eight years.

She has since immersed herself in the local film and TV industry by way of makeup.

“I didn’t come here for the film industry. I didn’t know it existed,” she says. “I have a license in cosmetology and this lady asked me if I wanted to do a reality TV show. Through that I was selected to do hair on a production. People kept asking me to be a model. I was open to do photo shoots and then I got into background acting.”

Wilkinson had found her niche within the industry. She was constantly around creatives working for a common goal.

“I had always been interested in theater and in film and TV. I’ve done plays here and there and some writing,” she says. “It’s really about creative expression. When I write, I want to tell a story that connects with other people.”

When Wilkinson writes, she envisions complete diversity in the cast.

Sarah H. Wilkinson has not only found her niche in the film industry, she’s also a model. (Courtesy of Lucas Stein)

“The premise behind standing out too much will change because of the diversified cast members,” she says. “It’s important to stand out. I want to give others an opportunity to do that.”

Wilkinson’s journey in film is one facet of her life.

In 2004, she began her holistic health journey where she has become a master herbalist.

“I try to get people to adjust their lifestyles,” she says. “I’m teaching that healthy eating and healthy food doesn’t have to taste bad. I’ve attached a learning how to cook.”

Another goal is to open a small cafe or bistro, as Wilkinson is an amateur chef.

“Opening up a cafe or center for people to get educated on what goes into their food or how it’s grown is important,” she says. “It’s a beautiful journey.”

Wilkinson aims to see people succeed in all areas. Here’s a little more to know about her:

1 “I am a professional actress and model represented by Tina Presley at Presley Talent. As of 2022, I am SAG eligible which means I am still nonunion but able to join at any time. I am working toward a series regular in a TV show, as well as on a feature film as a main character. I have been writing as well so, provided the funding, I can produce content with more roles I can be proud to portray.”

2 “I am a holistic health practitioner and master herbalist, as well as a cosmetologist and would like to, again provided the funding, open a unique wellness center catering to the individual on a mental/emotional/spiritual level through food, fun and entertainment, holistically.”

3 “I study traditional African spirituality as a way to get in touch with my ancestral roots and learn about the cultures from which I come, but recognize all as well as a lack of religion and spirituality, because we are all connected and share this world together, hopefully someday, in peace.”

4 “I love to garden and enjoy propagating vegetation to do my part in increasing the abundance of beautiful plants and trees around us. (I prefer planting female trees as they produce fruit as there are already a substantial amount of male trees, which produce pollen.)”

5 “I am a southpaw and, a hidden talent of mine is that I can write backwards in cursive the same as I can write forward. I have been able to do this since I was a child. It keeps things fun, as most things in life should aim to be.”


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