Fitness tips by pro fitness trainer Sunil Sharma Dinda

We are currently living in highly uncertain times. Two years ago, the time was different and people were having different fitness routines. Post-pandemic things have changed and it has been highly sensitive times for everyone. However, one thing that was understated and has been resurfaced is being fit. When it comes to fitness, it is interpreted differently by everyone, though health means the same. When our body is fit, it means it is healthy as well. If we define the word fitness it means our body is in shape and we can perform every task with agility and prudently. Being fit includes fit muscles and bone strength and also keeps one at bay with the various health problems. Sometimes we wonder what are various exercises or techniques so that we can build our muscle endurance for this, it is the method of resistance training and this makes our muscles stronger. Examples of fitness include brisk walking, strength training workout, swimming and biking. When we exercise our muscles become more flexible thus removing the stiffness so we tend to stay limber. The flexibility of muscles is attained by continuous flow exercise and this enables one to stay fit and flexible.

Let us learn more about the types of fitness techniques in detail.

Research shows that there are four types of fitness techniques and they are:  endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. It is important to have four types of fitness regimes in your daily routine. Apart from this, there are also elements of fitness like aerobic capacity, body structure, body composition, muscle flexibility and strength.

But one should require an expert like Sunil Sharma Dinda, who has rich and vast experience as a fitness trainer and has trained famous former fast holder Ashok Dinda. Fitness training requires years of rigorous practice and adaptation of various techniques that build endurance. Also, Sunil has reached an acumen as a famous cricket trainer in recent times and has trained many cricketers in the prestigious Ranji Trophy, IPL and many other State tournaments. This passionate fitness enthusiast owns “DFT Strength and Conditioning. They offer various dynamic and personalized packages that aim to transform the overall fitness level of the person and help people to reach the path of fitness with clarity and strength.

Sunil Sharma Dinda, Pro Fitness Triner

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Sunil Sharma Dinda, Pro Fitness Triner

What are the various types of fitness and their techniques?

These are the few tips for the fitness:

Brisk Walking: It helps in regulating the overall blood flow of the body and lowering the fat and creating it into muscle mass.

Strength Training: A body is in good shape by doing strength exercise. One removes the bulk from the body and increases the metabolism. In order to be fit, one needs strength training at regular intervals. It not only lowers the abdominal fat but also elevates the body image and shape.

Exercise for an hour on a daily basis: Consistency is important and if we exercise for an hour on a daily basis it regulates our carbs level and keeps us in shape.

Nowadays people are creating digital fitness content as people are aware of the power of cyberspace and how people can be benefited. Being fit is a necessity in today’s world and it aims to make people fit and healthy. Exercise not only keeps our body in good shape but also helps us to stay away from various diseases. One loses weight by regular exercises and can help a person to age with grace. If we are not fit we tend to be lethargic and fitness is the only way to build stamina and improve respiratory strength and cardiovascular conditions. But one needs a tool and the ways to do it most effectively. Fitness increases our ability to perform, makes us agile and increases our reflex actions. By better online videos it is easy to adapt as the communication is easy and it is more affordable. Fitness has a different meaning to everyone and it doesn’t mean that you are a marathoner it just means that one is fit and healthy. Health is the only way to be successful in life. Fitness is attributed to the ability of the body to move around freely and without any pain. Encompassing all the components of fitness, our body is free from health problems.