Best snacks for diabetes

Sharing my most recommended and best tasting packaged snacks for diabetics. 

All of these packaged snacks are blood sugar friendly- providing either healthy fat, fiber, or protein. Plus they are all shelf stable and easy for the busy person on the go. Don’t let diabetes stop you from enjoying a snack. If there’s a specific brand I personally buy and recommend I’ve linked it- if you have a favorite I’d love to hear from you too!



Kind Bars

Orgain Drink

Bare Snacks

Chickpeas/edamame roasted

Rhythm Foods Veggie Snacks

RX Bars

Starkist tuna packet

GoGo Squeez Fruit and Veggiez


Simple Mills Crackers

healthy diabetes snacks

What snack can a diabetic have that won’t raise blood sugars?

There is one of 3 nutrients I recommend all diabetic snacks have:

These are the nutrients that will help you feel full and satisfied. Even if you plan on having a more simple carb snack you can make it more balanced by adding protein, fiber, or fat. Obviously when I’m talking protein I mean a lean protein (tuna, chicken, etc.) and with fats try to stick to healthy fats (nuts, avocado, etc.)


What are considered healthy snacks for diabetes??

Snacking gets a bad reputation- it’s almost always synonymous with “junk” food such as chips, cookies, cakes, etc. While I typically instruct clients to focus on healthy foods, it’s okay for diabetics to eat sweets once in a while without feeling guilty or significantly interfering with your blood sugar control. 

The key to diabetes nutrition is moderation.  Restricting all sweets and treats generally ends up leading to dissatisfaction with food, and then overeating or binging the sweets when given the chance. By having moderation and balance in the diet it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing- we can find a happy medium!

Homemade snacks for diabetes

Check out some of my favorite homemade snack options here: chia pudding, hemp seeds cookies, carrot cake bars, or savory energy bites. These are just a few of my recommendations that are generally portable and well balanced for blood sugars.

Bonus list of healthy snacks: (yes there are some duplicates!)

healthy snack list


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