Alpha Bodytec Pte. Ltd. wins SBR Designed in Singapore award in the Fitness Technology Apparel category

Alpha Bodytec Pte. Ltd. has made health and fitness accessible to all, even without vigorous activity, through its cutting-edge Electrical Muscular Stimulation technology.

Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) technology had long been known as an expensive solution to fitness. Not anymore. Alpha Bodytec Pte. Ltd. innovated on affordable EMS apparel and one of their newest product – Aspire – is able to help Singaporeans stay fit without allotting time to hit the gym or engaging in rigorous home exercises.

EMS has been used for years in different ways: for physical rehabilitation, enhanced training for professional athletes, and body sculpting in medical clinics. EMS-powered training engages up to 90% of muscles compared to conventional training, which only engages up to 70% of muscles.

Aspire uses the same EMS technology that causes muscle contraction through electrical impulses similar to working out. Unlike in typical EMS equipment, Aspire users see results even without doing physical workouts. Some of these results include tightening of loose skin, cellulite reduction, toning up of the abdominals and glutes, and waist reduction.

Trial participants have commented on the relaxing and therapeutic sensations of the Aspire pants and compared it to having a beauty treatment. Most notice improvements in their lower body, such as tightening of the skin or weight loss within a month of usage. There also have been cases where customers were relieved from back pains and have corrected their posture, all attributed to the strengthening of their core muscles. 

Aspire is wireless, with a seamless design fitting like a second skin for maximum comfort. It is designed to promote freedom and unlimited scope of movement so it does not hinder you regardless of what you are doing. Moreover, it is made of anti-bacterial fabric, ensuring comfort even for the most sensitive of skin.

With Aspire, Alpha Bodytec has gained these two key achievements: first full suit EMS device conceptualised and designed in Singapore by a full Singaporean team and first Singapore EMS product to penetrate into Japan and Europe markets.

Despite a limited marketing budget, Alpha Bodytec has seen great success with Aspire locally. As Singaporeans prefer to experience or view products prior to purchase, Alpha Bodytec’s sales model revolves around physical trials. Even in its early stages, Aspire’s experiential trials have achieved staggering conversion rates of up to 70%.

Alpha Bodytec aims to make EMS technology available to everybody around the world and share its incredible benefits to the everyday consumer. Their goal is to eventually reach the global stage with Aspire and help people who lead sedentary lifestyles stay fit and healthy.

Alpha BodyTec’s dedication to innovating budget-friendly EMS technology is not going to stop anytime soon. Be sure to keep a lookout for them as they have many upcoming products in the pipeline, all of which are targeted towards resolving pain points we face in our daily lives.