Top 5 Resources That Have Changed My Life

Top 5 Resources That Have Changed My Life

Hiiii guys! The idea for this post sparked from two things. One, a podcast idea I have to do this but make the list a little longer – and two, the fact that I haven’t blogged in way too long and I feel like it’s time to pop in and say hi.

As far as the blog goes, I really do consider myself a “blogger who blogs.” 😂 I say that because so much of the blogging world now happens on Instagram, IG stories, podcasts, TikTok, and beyond. Since all of those things have gotten so much more popular over the years I have at times found myself blogging less, because my creativity is getting expressed all over the place.

However the blog is my heart, my hub, my home. This is where it all began. And this is where it shall exist LONG after any of the social platforms are no longer the hot place to be.

I set an intention with myself that once we got more help with Atticus, I would write at least one blog post a week. I mean, why not?! It is so fun for me and it’s really often like a big brain dump… that I hope you guys can relate to and adds value to your life. We finally have a fantastic full-time nanny (!!) which I should do a whole post on in & of itself. And now that we are several days in to having that help… it’s time to blog!

I wanted to write this post because I am really committed right now to up-leveling my life in every way.  The things I want to do, no rather the things my soul is calling deeply, screaming loudly, absolutely dying for me to do… they’re not going to get done by me living life the way I always have. Getting stuck in the same patterns, caught in the same routines, or lost in the same wheels of thinking.

My up-level has been a steady climb for many years, but 2022 hit and BAM – so much became clear to me about how committed I must be to my own rising. Motherhood, health issues (all over again), the greatest joy I have ever known and also the most responsibility I have ever taken on, so many creative ideas, figuring out how to balance it all, and also… that point that every writer/artist/creative person hits when they know they are running from their truth. Running from the soul.

So I simply am not going to run from my soul any longer. I can’t. I think my spirit would officially break. There is so much that is ready to be birthed forth, and it is!!! So let me share with you the top 5 resources that are currently changing my life. The list is long! But we’ve gotta start somewhere!

This also stems from the podcast, where I ask my guests to share a book, a podcast, or a resource that has really influenced them. So consider this my own little list for now — the one that is pushing me to show up as my best self every single day at the moment. I AM KEEPING THIS LIST TO 5 FOR REAL, even though you guys know I wanna make it longer lol. Tune into the pod for the next 10 things on the list, coming soon!

1. Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life:

If you’ve been following me for a while then you know, I swear by this book because it legitimately changed my life from the inside out. I was first introduced to Louise Hay’s work when I got diagnosed with Lyme many years ago, and her words just clicked for me. They made complete sense. When I sauntered into the Mystic Journey bookstore on Abbott Kinney (RIP to the best bookstore ever 😭) the book nearly jumped off the shelf because it had to be in my life, I kid you not.

The book is based on the Christian Science principles of health & healing, which are that we are each fundamental representations of pure Love (God) a.k.a pure health. The belief is that healing is the natural order of things, and that we are the creators of our own life experiences. The key message is: “If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.”

You can think of Louise Hay as the OG Joe Dispenza. This quote says everything: Life Is Really Very Simple. What We Give Out, We Get Back What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us. Every thought we think is creating our future. Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings. The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences.”

This book is written with pure simplicity, and is a reminder that healing is really very easeful — although we make it so complicated. Now I channel Louise Hay on the daily with my mentor Nikki, and I am working on my own healing book in her honor, that is based off of my journey and takes her message even further – because the world is ready for it. Who is ready? Tell me in the comments if you are. 🙂

Get You Can Heal Your Life here!

2. Joe Dispenza’s Morning & Evening meditations:

I share almost every day on IG, TikTok & the podcast about my daily Joe Dispenza meditations. I have been a dedicated fan of his since I got diagnosed with Lyme (see a pattern here…?!), but I have been a lot more devoted again lately. Because life is requiring me to uplevel again big time – huge time.

Whenever I talk about the meditations I get hundreds of messages asking me which meditations of his I do exactly. The answer is, I do all of them! But most frequently I do his morning & evening meditations, which can be found on Spotify & YouTube. I love these because they are each about 30 minutes long and really get me into the headspace of visualizing my future self.

The reason why I find these meditations to be so important is because we cannot change our lives until we change our energy, and we cannot change our energy until we change our daily habits. We are defined by our patterns, which create our personality, which create our personal reality. When we can begin to shift those things from within, that is our chance to get out of our current reality and create something more, deeper, and bigger.

Anyone can do this. The meditations I linked are free. When we talk about this type of manifesting it’s not about visualizing with thought alone, it’s about taking action and bringing those visualizations to life every day. I highly recommend these meditations for healing, up-leveling, and for committing and devoting yourself to YOUR best life.

3. The Artist’s Journey:

This book is a newer addition in my life, and I totally devoured it this week. I read it on my new Kindle (another resource life hack — WOW), and as an artist fully committed to step back into my craft after getting a bit derailed for the last few years, this was EVERYTHING I needed & more. I discovered this from Lauryn Bosstick posting about it on her stories (!!) — the queen.

It likens the artist’s journey to the hero’s journey. On our artist’s journey, we move past Resistance and past self-sabotage. We discover our true selves and our authentic calling, and we produce the works we were born to create. Resistance is that thing that trips us all up the most. My mentor Nikki calls it the darkness. We can also call it writer’s block/getting stuck/being in fear/not feeling worthy. Resistance and darkness are two in the same. And it’s time for all of us to be in the light.

You are an artist too—whether you realize it or not, whether you like it or not—and you have an artist’s journey. Will you live it out? Will you follow your Muse and do the work you were born to do?

This book will help you step into your divine calling. You got this.

4. The Ed Mylett Podcast:

I had to add this podcast into the mix because each episode has truly been changing my life and making me think so much deeper about the way that I work & approach the world. I had listened to his episodes here & there in the past, but I think it was one of those things where it didn’t resonate deeply until I was ready for it. Now, everything he says (as well as his guests) speaks directly to my SOUL.

His podcast feels like a combination between business mentorship, creative inspiration, spiritual beliefs, and how to get shit done. He doesn’t focus on spirituality but I have found a common thread among most, if not all, of his guests which is that they believe in energy. Energy is the root of everything. Energy IS everything.

A few top notch episodes I would highly recommend starting with are the recent eps with: Tom McCarthy on living limitless, balancing it all with Jenna Kutcher, from trauma to freedom & inner peace with Gabby Bernstein (also listen to Gabby on TBB Pod from two weeks ago!), & this episode where Ed is interviewed on his own show.

I wanted to share this pod because it is new to my weekly routine and I feel extra inspired to reach the NEXT level of myself because of it. Was inspired by my sis Kenzie Burke because she sends me the eps all the time. 🙂

5. My microdosing routine:

This one has to be added because… duh! I have been microdosing psylocibin for many years now — which I have been more open about online lately because it is becoming more widespread and accepted… and therapeutically legal, these days!

This is something else I discovered when I first got sick, because it helped bring me back to my core and my truth. When I first started microdosing mushrooms, I had my mind blown wide open. My perception of absolutely everything shifted. Myself, the world, our eternal souls, past lives, soul mates, nature, what we are here to do and create, the list goes on. So much of what I have been sharing about on my podcast for the last 5ish years comes from what I have learned from plant medicine. The plants have opened my eyes wide.

I used to go on deeper journeys for often (more of a “macro” dose than a micro), but lately I find a lot of healing in the more subtle experiences. I microdose more often than not, and it helps bring me back to myself. On the podcast I always say that these plants are not a drug, they are a medicine. When used intentionally and from a pure source, they help get you back to YOU, to the you that you were born to be.

The top book I love on plant medicine is You Can Change Your Mind, and you can listen to my latest solo episode on motherhood to hear more about my recent microdosing journey. It’s where a lot of my creativity has been getting rebirthed… 😉

Ok bb’s that’s it, I promised to keep a list of 5 to 5 things only for once in my life lol. Tell me below what you are going to try, what’s changing your life lately, and if you begin any of these things!! Cannot wait to hear. & go tell me on my latest Instagram if you are a blog reader, bc if so I will be inspired to keep the weekly blog posts back up and running. LOVE YOU, tbb fam!

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