Top 11 health conditions that affect your lungs

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It’s essential to keep your lungs healthy with essential nutrients. Although there are so many factors that affect lung health, it’s high time to pay close attention to reduce exposure to environmental factors. Make sure everyone has opted for a lifestyle modification, including a high nutrient-rich diet to protect the lungs and reduce the chances of lung damage and symptoms of diseases. Here in this blog, we are going to share the health conditions that can affect the lungs. Have a look


If you people have healthy lungs, you can easily inhale or exhale the oxygen required by your body. When we breathe in, the lungs, filled with oxygen-rich air that circulates through the bloodstream. There are still so many health conditions that make it less comfortable to breathe in comfortably. Poor lung health would affect the inhale or exhale condition as well. 

Chest Cold

Nowadays, several viruses cause common cold issues, and nose and throat create many other complicated symptoms. The doctor called this situation acute bronchitis. This condition makes airways in the lungs and cause severe swelling, and produce more mucus. It leads to a bad cough and discomfort in the chest. It can be treated and usually takes a few weeks to go away.


Well, asthma causes swelling of the airways and mucus. People with asthma would have lower lung capacity and because of swelling and mucus limit the movement of air in lungs. When an asthma attack happens, the airways get narrow and make you wheeze and quite dangerous for asthma patients. Asthma will remain with you throughout your life and sometimes cause an infection as well.


Allergies triggered by pets, pollen, and other sources affect the health of the lungs, but allergies and asthma are always seen together in any patient. If you people have both conditions, then allergen factors such as pollen can trigger an asthma attack.


This is called chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, which usually develops in people who have smoked for a long time. People with chronic bronchitis and emphysema symptoms would have inflammation in bronchial tubes in the lungs. Air can get easily trapped in damaged tissue, and the reason is not enough oxygen makes it through the lungs in the bloodstream.


Flu can make your condition worse, including fever, body aches and dry cough. Flu can infect the epithelial cells in the lungs and start reproducing within your lung tissue. It increases inflammation and harms the lungs because it makes the infection worse such as pneumonia. Get yourself vaccinated to get rid of this influenza.


Whenever flu strikes, pneumonia affects the airways of the lungs, and this condition would cause bacteria or viruses that produce the air sacs to fill with liquid. People suffering from pneumonia would increase the cough, and rapid breathing issues and short breath issues occur with sharp chest pain. 


This is a kind of lung failure which is caused by damage to lung tissue. It can harm your lungs in so many ways and it started with flu and COVID-19 develop pneumonia. Air sacs fill with fluid, and pneumonia related to COVID-19 used to become more severe, increasing respiratory distress. People face short breath issues and are put on a ventilator.


Tuberculosis happens when you get caught in a specific type of bacteria that goes into the lungs. People who have this bacteria may develop severe symptoms of tuberculosis, so rather than infecting yourself, get yourself treated immediately.

Lung cancer

Cancer starts spreading to other parts of the body too. It develops when cells in the lungs grow and form a cluster together as a tumor. With the growth you would see the destruction of healthy tissues. If you have a tumor in the lungs and it has increased, there are chances it would make your breathing condition tougher.

Heart disease

Do you know your lungs and heart work together? Few heart problems increase pulmonary hypertension and increase the high blood pressure in arteries of the right side of the heart. Blood vessels in the lungs become narrow, and it makes blood flow harder. Few people with heart problems develop a pulmonary disease that occurs with the buildup of fluid in air sacs in the lungs, making breathing harder. 

What are the best & Worst foods for lung health?

Take High fiber foods

Raspberries, peas, lentils, and black beans are all high in fiber, effective for the lungs. People who eat more fiber have lungs in better condition than those who don’t have sufficient fibre intake. Fibre-rich food includes whole-wheat spaghetti, baked beans, chia seeds, pears and broccoli.

Avoid Processed Meats

You people need to avoid processed meat so as not to make lung health worse. Preservation of processed meat causes inflammation and stress to lungs health, so avoid bacon, ham, deli meat and sausages.

Avoid Alcohol

If you are drinking too much, then keep this thing in mind it is going to affect the health of your lungs. Alcohol can also make the asthma symptoms worse, and ethanol affects lung cells. People who are addicted to alcohol would develop pneumonia or lung problems so rapidly—Dial-in today on the alcohol abuse hotline to take detailed info. Don’t waste time and get yourself admitted to a rehab center for treatment. Alcohol and drug addiction need to be treated for healthier lungs.

Take Whole Grains

Whole grains are effective for the lungs, and it includes brown rice, whole-wheat bread and whole-wheat pasta, oats and quinoa. Whole-grain foods are high in fiber, have the best anti-inflammatory properties, and are full of vitamin E and selenium. Essential fatty acids are good for lung health. Refined grains such as white flour, white rice with other nutrients are effective for health.

These are the health conditions that affect the lungs, and if we don’t pay close attention to treatment, symptoms will become more severe. Get the help of doctors to improve lung health for a better and healthy lifestyle.