This duo wants to help you find the best fitness class

With the recent boom of apps like ClassPass and workouts like those offered by Orange Theory, SoulCycle and Pure Barre, it can feel overwhelming to dive into the world of fitness classes — especially when you aren’t sure what you’re getting yourself into.

Elizabeth Endres and Dale Borchiver, the co-founders behind the popular blog and Instagram account, Sweats and the City, had no idea that reviewing their fitness classes and giving healthy lifestyle tips could become a full-time job.

But in 2016, that’s exactly what they did, and now their Instagram account has amassed more than 88,000 followers.

“Sweats and the City is an all-encompassing health and fitness lifestyle blog,” Borchiver told In The Know. “We’ve got health, we’ve got beauty — everything from facials to food. We really like to make it a go-to destination for New Yorkers and beyond.”

The idea originated with Dale and Elizabeth were roommates and would fill each other in on what classes they were taking, what teachers they liked and what was helping them stay in shape. They started putting together extensive lists and were surprised by how many of their coworkers and friends wanted a copy.

Even though their brand has expanded since then, Endres says that their “bread and butter” is still class reviews. “That’s how we got started and we’ve incorporated it throughout even as we’ve grown as a brand.”

Each class review includes the location, the length of the class, a basic description, how much you should expect to sweat (scored out of 10), what you should bring, how “culty” the class is (i.e. whether there are clear regulars and whether the studio feels “inclusive” to newcomers), what the lockerroom situation is, what classes are similar to this one and any extra good-to-know information (whether it’s featured on ClassPass, whether there are deals, etc.).

“It’s really cool to see how this platform we’ve built has brought so many different people together,” Borchiver said.

“Everything that was available was biased information, and what we were looking for was the raw details — especially female-focused details,” Endres continued. “Is there a shower? Can I blow dry my hair? Things we personally wanted to know when we were going into a workout.”

The two found that the community they were growing was super supportive — and that positivity made the transition to turning Sweats and the City into a full-time commitment all the easier. For the duo, it’s important to be a positive and healthy influence for their followers.

“We had no fitness experience before this, and here we are working in fitness,” Borchiver said. “A lot of people think so many things can be holding them back from what they love to do, and all you have to do is do it and consistently do it, and if you’re passionate about it, nothing will really stop you.”

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