The Key of Staying Sober Even When Your Friends Drink

How Do I Stay Sober When All My Friends Drink? – Alta Mira Recovery

Drinking is not a crime; in fact drinking, a little amount of beer each day has a health benefit. But it is only healthy when done in moderation. One cannot drink bottles of beer or whiskey and expect to function in a healthy manner because that’s how people become an addiction. Despite addiction, there are numerous other health complications that can show up due to severe drinking problems.

But if you have been cured of alcoholism in a suboxone clinic in New Bedford, then you might not need to worry about such a health condition in the future. However, relapse is still a worry for recovering patients especially when their environment is addiction enabling.

An addiction enabling environment is when the patient is surrounded by substance craving-inducing triggers. Or in simple words, if the person spends time with people who take the substance, or stay at a place with substances or are always surrounded with triggers. Suboxone doctors of an opioid clinic near me often suggest such people change their environment to protect their sobriety.

But that might not be the only solution; you can follow the below steps to stay sober even when your friends drink:


Oftentimes, communication is the key and in this case, it’s the best method to deal with environmental relapse triggers. Tell your friends that you are in recovery and want advised to stay away from any kind of substances by the medical professionals of the suboxone clinic. Also, try to make them understand why you need to stay away from temptation let alone drink. A well-wisher will understand and cater to your need.

Time out

Taking some time out from socializing might be the best way to handle peer pressure. After you have come out of one of the best suboxone treatment centers in New Bedford, make sure that you are taking your aftercare seriously. Going to the therapy session might be the best way to stay sober in life after rehab. While therapy is the best recovery treatment you will also need to follow a suboxone dosing chart or any other medication prescribed by your doctor.

Mental preparation

You will need to be mindful of the fact that being around drinkers will be awkward for you, if not tempting. Not only you but your friends might also feel uncomfortable drinking around you. Ordering some non-alcoholic beverage or getting them involved in a fun party game might be wise.

Sober buddy

You are more likely to succeed in being sober with opioid treatment near me if you have a sober buddy alongside you. When you are feeling awkward, pressure, or just tempted to have a drink with your friends, you should excuse yourself from the gathering to call a sober buddy. You can also bring them along to the party to have a support system in such a time.

Avoid certain circumstances

There are certain times when you should just sit it out at home. It will be better to sometimes refuse to hang out with friends, especially if it will involve drinking. All opioid treatment doctors near me suggest patients avoid socializing in places with triggers if they are not feeling mentally strong on certain days. There will be days when you will feel less determined to stay sober and it is only smarter to stay away from triggers.

These are some methods that you can apply and still be around your dear friends. But you need to know when the situation is going out of your hand. Learn to say no to peer pressures, you might feel obligated to say yes at a certain time, but you need to stay committed to your focus. Most people think that drinking will not count as a relapse as they are sobering up from drug dependence. But that thinking cannot be further from the truth and can make you revisit suboxone clinics near meagain.