The Dark Side of Thailand Plastic Surgery


Thailand is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is considered the hub for tourism and the health care industry. Both the tourism and health care sectors of Thailand are always in demand. Each year millions of people come to Thailand for its extraordinary places and health sectors. Amongst the health sector, plastic surgery is the most demanded part of Thailand. People from far places come only to get the most popular Thai plastic surgery.

Why Thailand’s plastic surgery is so famous?


Plastic surgery in Thailand has not been a new concept, rather it has been there for ages. Starting from history Thai plastic surgery is quite famous to date. Each person has a deeper wish for having Thai plastic surgery at least once in a lifetime. There are a lot of varieties and options present in Thailand plastic surgery. This cosmetic surgery is one of the best surgery in the whole world. Nothing can beat this starting from normal surgery to a variety of options.

One can opt for a variety of cosmetic and beauty options in Thailand. Moreover, the cost is also very less. Being the most affordable place with lots of variety in services, Thailand has topped the world in the number of tourist visits. It’s one of the perfect places for middle-class people as well.


Thailand is indeed a complete destination package for medical tourism. Medical tourism is a concept where tourists from outside places come to one single place to explore and carry out their medical services.

Thailand has the world’s top-class surgeons with top-class hospitals. It is one of the perfect destinations for cosmetic surgery because of its well-defined and beautiful landscape, beaches, sceneries, natural beauties, full of greenery, and all other natural ingredients. These nature ailments play a vital; role in the successful journey of cosmetic surgery. Above all, Thailand comes among the world’s most polluted free places.

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What are the dark sides or disadvantages of Thailand’s plastic surgery?


Apart from being the most perfect place for plastic surgery, there are certain dark secrets and disadvantages of Thailand’s most famous cosmetic surgery.

Let’s have a look at this:

  • Lack of health insurance support for the patients.
  • In certain cases, there have been life-risking factors for the patients
  • The surgeries they undergo can sometimes be very harmful to their lives.
  • There are even certain hospitals in Thailand that do not provide services up to the mark apart from the high-class promotions.
  • Some doctors do fraud in the name of insurance and provide very less services.
  • In some clinics and hospitals, there are hidden costs that are not revealed before the surgery of patients.
  • Even in certain hospitals and clinics, doctors do not have certifications.

So before opting for plastic surgery in Thailand, one should definitely do research about the hospitals and their doctors and to help you with this is the best.

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