Protective Coffee Premium PD Recipe

This is our favorite robust-roast coffee replacement that contains noteworthy organic protection. The roasted and ground organic root of the chicory plant has been enjoyed as a coffee substitute for over two centuries. Sipping this easy brew beverage promotes the pro-apoptotic activity of autophagy, offering cellular clean-up and detoxification with every cup. This prebiotic brew supports our microbes to regulate our appetite. This beverage will offer a PD newbie a hypolipidemic reduction boost to lower triglycerides and cholesterol even faster than a Protective Diet alone. On chilly mornings we sip hot cup after cup of this proven neuroprotective, immune-boosting, cellular-protective brew. It is an appetite regulator that revs up our resident microbes with hydrating prebiotics. Make this quick calorie-free brew with or without a caffeine kick when you feel chilly or snacky. Bathe your gut with warm health-promoting phytochemicals first thing in the morning, during your afternoon break, and as an after-dinner, self-care, health ritual. As you sip your custom light or dark roast chew on the protective science included below confirming this beverage is a functional food. Read the immune-boosting bonus tips and apply them with me in Protective Diet Education. On a Protective Diet we quit coffee to eliminate body sweats due to withdrawals, body odor, pesticide consumption, disrupted sleep, moodiness, and sugar cravings. Even though I kicked coffee out of my diet I still adore gourmet warm and iced beverage routines. I crave the coffee ritual to kick off my day. Then I enjoy an afternoon refreshment break. A warm cup with comforting, protective cream finishes my evening meal and signals the kitchen’s closed until we start sipping again in the morning. I hope you are as excited as me and my microbes about the line-up of organic, health-promoting beverages on a Protective Diet. Meet us in the PD-Ed classroom on Tuesday evening for Class #319 – Sip On Polyphenol Protection & Intro to Hydroponics.

Julie Marie

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