Announcing Planned Documentary on Postpartum Depression: More Than Blue

Illuminating the Faces and Voices of Postpartum Depression across America

While the last two decades have brought increased awareness about the need to screen and adequately treat postpartum depression (PPD), a major documentary film that illuminates the lived experiences of those suffering or who have recovered from PPD has yet to emerge. In partnership with multi-award winning documentary production company Ark Media, we are proud to announce this important project: the creation of a feature-length documentary for national broadcast that will tell a more  complete story of PPD through the voices and faces of a diverse group of women across America. With this film, we will catalyze a new era of understanding of PPD and its treatment, inspiring transformation at the level of the individual, couple, family, community and health care system in order to get women the care they deserve.

The heart and soul of More Than Blue will be the stories of real women living through postpartum depression, as well as those who have recovered or who are recovering. We are now identifying a group of courageous women who wish to participate.  We will film these women across a period of months in an effort to capture many aspects of their “postpartum story”, from onset of symptoms to the sometimes bewildering search for effective support and treatment, to the joy and relief of recovery. As women tell their individual narratives, we will capture the experiences of others involved in the postpartum experience: partners, friends, clinicians and other providers of care and support.

Interested in telling your story or know of others who wish to share their PPD journey? We seek those who may be interested in participating in the documentary in some capacity. We are not looking for firm commitments on filming at this point, but wish to begin a confidential conversation, and to answer any questions people who might wish to participate have about the project. By joining with us, you will help to enhance understanding of PPD in the general public, while also helping to lift the stigma and shame that so often surrounds what is still the most common complication in modern obstetrics. For more information on how to participate, please press here.

Lee S. Cohen, M.D.
Director, Center for Women’s Mental Health, Mass General
Producer, More Than Blue

Barak Goodman and Rachel Dretzin
Directors, More Than Blue


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