KoreTrak Smartwatch Review: Is this 49$ Smartwatch worth it?

KoreTrak Smartwatch Review: Is this 49$ Smartwatch worth it? – Reviewed by Harry Johnson

KoreTrak Smartwatch Review: Is this 49$ Smartwatch worth it? – Reviewed by Harry Johnson

01/14/2021, Clifton // KISSPR //

Fitness trackers are excellent tools for monitoring your daily physical activities and ensuring that you are making progress towards attaining your health and fitness goals. They monitor your health vitals viz blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen, etc.

If you are training for a fitness competition or plan on losing weight or trying to increase your muscle strength, regular monitoring of your health is vital. A device that is portable and lightweight. A device which can be by your side and help you track and enhance your fitness routine at all time. But what will that device be? Does it exist?

Yeah, it does! Have you heard of the Koretrak Smartwatch? A smartwatch that does not only possess the feature of a smartwatch and its associated utility but serves as an efficient fitness accountability partner.

The manufacturers of the Koretrak Smartwatch, claims that the Smartwatch helps to track your fitness and body shape progress effectively even more than a coach will do. As already stated, it is also a smartwatch and performs the utility of a smartwatch too. It is fashionable and can be styled with your dresses.

It has a wide range of features and utility and this has become the talk of the town and it is important to know and review this Smartwatch which is becoming so popular. With the big question, does it work?

This KoreTrak smartwatch review shall provide the information needed about the Koretrak Smartwatch, the features, does it work? Is it a Scam? How does it Work? What benefits can a user obtain from the use of the product? What are the striking characteristics of this product that makes it stand out? What are Customers saying about this product? The questions intending Users are asking and lots more.

Do you want to know what this new kid, Koretrak is made of? Then hop in as we review this product together.

What is the Koretrak Smartwatch?

The KoreTrak tracker is a very portable smartwatch and efficient accountability partner, that helps to enhance body fitness and ensures the efficacy of your daily fitness routine. It is a compact smartwatch or wristwatch that tracks fitness, activity, and heart rate while providing all the features that come with an ordinary smartwatch. You can make your calls just like other wristwatches, play your games, and message on the Koretrak Smartwatch.

The KoreTrak is also designed to display smartphone notifications as well as monitor the user’s sleep. Most importantly, KoreTrak is meant to help the user control their fitness efficiently

One of the goals the manufacturers of the Koretrak Smartwatch aims to attain is to equip KoreTrak with the capacities of a complete smartwatch and a fitness tracker in one device.

One Striking feature of this product which serves as an extension of the utility of the Koretrak Smartwatch is that apart from offering powerful and indistinguishable capacities of a smartwatch, KoreTrak records and tracks a whole range of biometric data.

Unlike other Conventional Smartwatches, the Koretrak is aimed at improving fitness and body soundness. KoreTrak smartwatch is an evolutionary fitness tracker commonly used to monitor vital body signs to get precise insights and analysis about sleep patterns, and weight management

It is designed with a well built and sleek layout which is Synced and linked with the user’s way of life easily. Its design is simple, elegant, and sporty. It serves as a filler to bridge the gap between smartwatches and fitness trackers and uses biometric technology to analyze the body and give real-time health fitness metrics.

It is very fast in its workings. Just a quick scan of your body provides information as to the status of your heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, and even oxygen levels. With a speedy output, the KoreTrak can reveal your pulse and circulatory strain. Yeah, you are very correct it is truly a lifesaver.

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Features/ Characteristics of the Koretrak Smartwatch:

The following are the features of the Koretrak Smartwatch:

Outstanding Fitness tracking

The device can be worn while running, cycling, or any other physical activity. The device has fitness trackers that are used to monitor body behavior.

It is waterproof and Water-resistant

The KoreTrak smartwatch and fitness tracker are water-resistant. What it means is that it works even when submerged in water. The smartwatch can withstand being in the water for 30minutes. This means that the watch can still be used in a wet environment and under the rain and won’t get spoilt.

Improves Sleep

This product aids in improving sleep patterns. The watch will provide pointers and tracking for your sleeping pattern to help you wake up feeling more revitalized daily. The KoreTrak smartwatch also comes with a built-in meter that helps track and measure appropriate the user’s rest levels, keeping you in check so that you can sleep well and not too much.

Helps to Measure Calories Burnt

KoreTrak smartwatch has the ability to count the number of calories burned throughout the day or after any activity.

It is very Affordable

It saves you financial cost, can be bought by anyone, saves time and energy too. You don’t need to go to the gym or hire a fitness assistant or coach. It can also save you future costs, for instance knowing the state of your heart and body system can help you find out irregularities and handle them on time.

Helps to keep Health in check

As already mentioned, with Koretrak, an individual can track their blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels. For a person looking for both smartwatch features and a fitness tracker, this device would be the perfect solution.

It Serves as a Prompter

The Kore tracker Serves as a prompter to remind you to get up to exercise when it is time and when you ought to. It helps users stay active. It also helps to remind the user of important meetings or schedules; the smartwatch can be programmed to remind the user of important activity. The wristwatch has become a mobile Personal Assistant and a digital Secretary.

Helps to track Progress Attained

The Kore track smartwatch allows the user to track the success of a fitness routine and helps you to know if you are really doing things right with the exercise.

Maybe you should Improve? it tacitly helps you know whether to improve or change your routine. It also helps users know how best to improve or achieve their fitness goals.

Stay Connected

It has active text and call alerts that let you stay connected with people even if one is not in close proximity to the mobile phone. Thus, it provides smartphone features and doesn’t let you miss out while you exercise.

Other features associated with this product include.;

•Great styling with a classic finish, very fashionable

•Warming reminders against sedentary sitting and beeps when it is vital to move more

•HD bright display that is easy-to-read

•Can sync seamlessly to Android and iPhone and supports IOS as well

•Takes clear photos by syncing directly to your smartphone

•Water-resistance (IP67 waterproof) and seven days of data storage

•24/7 monitoring for blood pressure and heart rate

•Sleep manager for monitoring sleep patterns to ensure optimal wake-up times

•Step counter that enables goal setting, thereby aid in weight loss

• Possesses strong battery which strong Capacity, with a battery life that is super-efficient with minimal recharges

•Calorie counter that enhances daily eating habits and aids the weight loss efforts

•Gets notifications and takes calls, and this means the phone can stay safely in the bag or pocket

• Optimal Charging of Battery.

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How does the Koretrak Smartwatch Work?

How does this product work? it is not rocket science, and how it works is pretty understandable. Firstly, it works on a mobile phone. KoreTrak is connected directly to a mobile phone device via an app of the same name.

This application is where all of the long-term health statistics tracked are stored and consolidated by KoreTrak. The device records and tracks a whole range of biometric data.

Once the device synced to a mobile phone, the users wear the product on their wrist. The touch-screen of KoreTrak makes the switch between apps and monitoring of vitals simple.

The smartwatch fitness tracker monitors a person’s sleep while it also displays notifications. It is meant to help the user control their fitness at an affordable price.

The device can operate for up to seven days without a cell phone nearby. KoreTrack can store data on its own for up to 7days if the cell phone is out of range. KoreTrak device has IP67 that makes the product waterproof, the product can stay in water for a few minutes and it will still work

Benefits of Using the Koretrak Smartwatch:

The following are the benefits of Using the Koretrak Smartwatch:

  • Detect dangerous conditions like COPD, anemia, asthma, and more
  • Helps to keep check track of your sleep quality
  • Enhances body efficiency and also helps to monitor your heart rate and calories burned
  • A perfect accountability partner helps to keep your fit ess process active and efficient.
  • It is very fashionable and comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Helps to Check your blood pressure
  • Possesses glass touch display is designed to prevent scratches
  • It is very convenient, durable, efficient, and portable.
  • The Koretrak wristwatch has a modern design looks modern and sleek
  • Keep you motivated to stay active
  • You can also call via the smartwatch and receive messages.
  • Helps you to meet up with appointments

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect to your smartphone, so you can go for your morning run or gym session without having to carry around your phone.

KoreTrak fitness tracker offers all of these features and more – all while looking stylish and modern. It offers many of the same features that you find on expensive smartwatches like FitBit and Apple Smartwatches, but without the high price tag (News – Alert).

Now you can track your health, stay connected to your smartphone, and optimize your sleep habits right from your watch and without having to pay a small fortune.

How to use Koretrak:

There is no hassle involved in using the KoreTrak smartwatch. It is very simple to use. All you need is to charge the device, wear it on the wrist, and then connect it to your smartphone. KoreTrak uses a combination of board sensors and phone sensors to track your health and wellness data. Some features rely on the phone sensors, while others work independently.

KoreTrak, for instance, has a heartrate monitor that can track the user’s heart rate without necessarily relying on the phone’s sensors. However, it does not have a GPS to track your movement or location.

After purchasing the KoreTrak, charge it, and then download the KoreTrak app to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Like other health tracking apps, the KoreTrak app gives you all the insights into your health and wellness, which you can choose to review daily or weekly.

Besides aiding in intuitive tracking, KoreTrak monitors vital health signs in real-time. By wearing it on the wrist, KoreTrak monitors and records all fitness and health vitals, including calories burned, steps taken, and heart rate. And with an interactive interface, it is easier to plan daily workouts with ease and thereby guarantee faster weight loss.

Making KoreTrak work heavily relies on Bluetooth technology to connect to the mobile phone, which means that the smartwatch comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth sensor. As long as your android has Bluetooth, you can connect it to KoreTrak effortlessly.

KoreTrak is adaptable as well as it is mobile. It is made from comfortable, durable bands – wear it when swimming, running, or doing household chores. What’s more, it can sync seamlessly with smartphones to allow efficient fitness and health tracking.

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Does the Koretrak Work or it a Scam?

Yes, the Smartwatch actually works and works efficiently KoreTrak does work. As for functionality, it’s built with advanced technologies and sensors to monitor your health and also manages your body fitness. The smartwatch is very efficient. It is very fashionable and possesses a sleek design.

Now you can find that partner that can help you exercise effectively. Also, it does medical examination sort of. It examines the major operations of your body systems such as your heart beats, pulse, breathing process, and blood circulation it is an efficient product to possess.

Extensively, it saves cost, time, and energy. It provides Optimal utility and efficient customer satisfaction.

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Pros / Cons of Using the Koretrak Smartwatch.

•Provides real-time health insights – KoreTrak provides health insights that are compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

•Stay connected in real-time – Receive text and calls alerts so that it is easier to achieve daily tasks without distractions.

•Intuitive tracking – KoreTrak understands and monitors vital bodily signs. It follows heart rate, calories burned, and steps taken. Its interactive interface allows comprehensive workouts with minimal planning to achieve weight loss goals faster.

•Fitness monitoring: Track your steps, distance, and overall exercise 24/7 using a built-in multi-sport tracking system. Either use the smartwatch on its own or link it with a fitness app on your phone to meet your fitness goals.

•Notifications: Get call and message alerts from your phone without holding it in your hands – perfect for those focused on their exercise routine.

•Compatible: Link KoreTrak with either iOS or Android smartphone to receive notifications or update your existing fitness and health apps.

•IP67 certified: This smartwatch is completely waterproof, so you can wash dishes, take showers, or walk-in heavy rain for half an hour straight without damaging your device.

•Affordable: good smartwatches can be really expensive, but not this one. Rather than paying for a brand name, you

•Fitness tracking – It is easier to achieve the desired fitness goals quickly with this fitness tracking gadget. The KoreTrak can track the number of calories burned during a workout or the steps taken.

•Health tracking – This smartwatch can help to keep track of vital health metrics such as oxygen level, blood pressure, and heart rate,

•Wake you up feeling refreshed and energized – By analyzing sleep patterns, it is easier to enjoy a decent night’s rest. The KoreTrak can help you feel alert and energized throughout the day.

•Stay active – With customizable sedentary alerts, KoreTrack has warnings that act as reminders when it’s time to move around. This ultimately leads to a healthier lifestyle.

• It is very therapeutic

• Possesses a wide variety of utility.

• Very efficient


• Only available online

• No specifications as to whether it is a one size fits all product

• No specification as to whether the battery is replaceable and available

• No specification as to how you can modify data collected by phone.

• Very delicate and could get spoilt easily.

Why should I Buy Koretrak Fitness Tracker?

The “why” should be apparent from the review
so far. Go into any electronics store and you will find fitness trackers and smartwatches that will do the same thing or even less than KoreTrak especially the Fitbit brand. The problem is that they cost up to four times as much. This is because they spend more money on marketing and then inflate the price of their products to compensate.

KoreTrak on the other hand sells directly to you online and researches and develops their product. Improving on their past products to make new and better ones meaning you get a superior product for a fraction of the price. More and more people are choosing KoreTrak instead of overpriced brand models.

KoreTrak combines all the best features from the big brand smartwatches and fitness trackers and offers it all to you at a cheaper price. If you want to lose weight, get in shape, and start living a healthier life, KoreTrak will help you. It is not a secret anymore, though it is new, sales have gone through the roof and they have sold out twice over the past three months.

Koretrak Price and where to buy

The selling point of this watch is its surprisingly affordable price. That is why it has gained wide popularity in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other countries nationwide. The Price list is as follows:

One Koretrak smartwatch is sold at 49.95$
Two KoreTrak can be gotten at 89.99$
Three Koretrak smartwatches can be gotten at 111.99$

However, take note that these are discounted prices ad might go up anytime soon. If you really want to buy this product, you can seize the opportunity and get yours now

As per where to buy the KoreTrak smartwatch, we usually advise our audience to buy products directly from the official store. This is to ensure that you are getting the original; versi0on of the product. You can click the link below to buy the KoreTrak smartwatch directly from the official site

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Customer reviews of the KoreTrak Smartwatch

David Ryan

I love this product so well it is very efficient and works perfectly. It has helped me in my fitness routine and I have no regrets about using it. It works so well.

Anita Banjo

Wow, this product is so good, I am loving it. It does its readings so well. I hope I won’t get tired of it. It comes with a very fine design. And I would love an upgrade if possible.

Krieger Banks.

Make sure you get this device. It is good. And why I love this product is that it is not discriminatory, it works with any smartphone.

Mohammed Bin

Great watch for the money.

I have purchased many cheap watches and they are okay for a while and then they don’t work anymore or break. I like this watch because of the medical conditions I have. I can keep up with my blood pressure, heartbeat, calories, and more. Liked it so well that I bought one for my wife and one for my daughter for later. I really like it for comfort also. Sometimes you forget you have it on. It is a great buy.

Vivian Danton

It really works!

I love it tells me a lot about Heart rate if normal or not Blood pressure if normal or not How many Steps I take Sleep time Awake time and what time you should sleep for your health Walk time Phone message Phone call Text messages Will even play a tune if I’m too far away from my phone love it will be getting my sisters one for Xmas

Kobe Atta

Amazing value in a smartwatch

My first device failed within the first few hours after delivery. However, KoreTrack had a replacement at my front door the very next day. That one works perfectly and I love it! This is amazing customer service! Almost everything I buy from Amazon is completely satisfactory — but now I know I can shop without fear of ‘getting stuck’ with a defective product or having to go through a hassle to get a replacement or refund. KoreTrack rocks!


It is very accurate!

For the money …, this is an excellent watch… does everything it says… I highly recommend it. It is one of the best fitness tracker I have used. It is very efficient; I had no problems using the product

Gary Boyd


I had trouble matching phone to watch but finally got it, watch performs great, is so light I don’t feel it on my wrist

About the company behind Koretrak (Korehealth)

For those of our readers who may not be aware, KoreHealth is a consumer health and fitness-based firm that came into existence around a year back. The company seeks to develop a whole host of tools that can help users with their fitness and health efforts as well as other recovery-related efforts.

In addition to its KoreTrak fitness tracking wristband, the company also offers its clients other novel solutions like:

  • Hot/Cold Message Therapy Units

Smart Weight Measuring scales

Company contact details:

  • (i) United States & Canada (Toll-Free) — 609 414 7087 or try 1-844-846-7426
  • (ii) United Kingdom & Ireland: 08708 200084

Frequently Asked Questions (Koretrak Smartwatch review)

KoreTrak a smartwatch or fitness tracker?

KoreTrak is both a fitness tracker and a smart-watch. With smart body technology, you can use it for everything from heart rate and blood pressure, and blood oxygen to other health metrics you would expect from a fitness wristband. Furthermore, you can use the KoreTrak for normal smart-watch requirements.

How is KoreTrak controlled?

You use the KoreTrak features with the touch screen interface, connected to your phone via Bluetooth.

Can KoreTrak diagnose diseases?

No, the KoreTrak is a smart fitness tracker that provides you with health metrics such as steps taken, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen. However, it is not medical grade nor designed to replace medical advice.

Can I swim with my KoreTrak?

The KoreTrak has an IP67 rating, meaning that it can go in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Will the KoreTrak work without my phone?

While a cellphone app is important in consolidating information and syncing data via Bluetooth, the smartwatch can store data for up to a week without a cellphone.

Can you change the wristband?

The fitness wristband is an integral component of the KoreTrak smartwatch as it features fitness elements, work, and elegance. Therefore, you can’t change the wristband of the KoreTrak smartwatch. However, you can pick which you want at the checkout.

Does KoreTrak have GPS?

KoreTrak lacks an inbuilt GPS, but it uses your phone’s GPS to give you real-time updates of your location and movement.

How do I control KoreTrak?

The smartwatch has intuitive commands that make it incredibly easy to navigate through the apps.

Conclusion (Koretrak Smartwatch review)

A very efficient product indeed. Your body fitness and body health are something that should be a primary concern for you. Maintaining fitness and health is not quite easy.

However, the Koretrak smartwatch has come to aid the fitness process and make it very efficient and very result-oriented. It is an amazing product to try out. Why not give it a shot!

Thanks for hanging on guy. Remember we provide all the information you need to make the right purchase decisions. And your optimum satisfaction is our drive and goal.

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