Is Modere An MLM? (2022)

Is Modere an MLM? How much commission do Modere reps make? How do you get paid from Modere?

All these questions are answered in this Modere MLM review.

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After in-depth research about Modere, direct selling or MLM company, in this article, I am reviewing Modere MLM Company.

So, let’s dive right in.

What Is What Is Modere?

Modere is an MLM company that manufactures Health and Wellness products for external and internal use. Usually, the company provides high-end products, but they cater to everyone and offer a variety of green home products, including shampoo, and laundry detergent, and multivitamins.

In 1987, by Thomas and Leslie Mower under the name “Figure and Height”, this company founded. Then, in 1992, it was renamed Neways and was bought by the same company that went public with Herbalife in 2006. And, in 2012, again It was bought by another group and renamed Modere.

Modere MLM Company operates in more than 23 countries and claims that its products are “chemically safer” than other brands. People can earn money from Modere by selling their products and recruiting new members.

Who Owns Modere?

Thomas and Leslie Mowar founded the Modere company in 1987 under the name “Figure and Height”. And in 2012, it was renamed Modere. Now, Z Capital Partners, LLC, a private equity firm owns Modere MLM Company.

Modere Company Profile

Company Name Modere
Founder Thomas and Leslie Mower
Started 1992
Head Office Springville, Utah, United States
Products Health Wellness, Household and personal care 
Email Id [email protected]

Modere Products

Modere has a lot of different types of Products for sale. Modere offers a variety of personal care, weight loss, nutritional supplements, and cleaning products. Unlike many other MLM weight loss solutions, Modere’s M3 Body System seems to have a good reputation.

These are the following categories of product that Modere sell:

  • Health and wellness: anti-aging, active health, weight loss, targeted health
  • The Lean Body System: Weight Loss Pills and Drinks
  • Collagen Science: Supplements for Pets, Healthy Aging
  • Household care: laundry, kitchen, cleaning products
  • Personal Care: Skin, Body, Hair, Face
  • Vitamin Angel: Donate to charity

By the way, it can be good to know that there are thousands of companies in the world, that sell this type of product.

Modere M3- flagship products

The M3 product is very popular in the products of line of Modere Products. It uses three supplements to provide a weight loss regimen based on the Mediterranean lifestyle:

  • Burn: Fat Burning Vitamin C Capsules
  • SYNC: Drink to reduce thirst and optimize digestion
  • Sustainable: plant-derived protein shakes

The Main benefits of Modere M3 Products are;

  • Increase fiber intake.
  • Reduce hunger cravings.
  • Start Metabolism.

Modere Review: Are Modere Products Safe?

Recently, A Nonprofit organization, Environmental Working Group (EWG) featured the 5 Modere Products on their Official site. Agency studies chemicals in personal care products and rates them based on potential health risks.

Modere Toothpaste “Refresh” and Modere Mouth Rinse “Refresh” is both EWG verified, which means they do not contain EWG ingredients, among other things.

So, it can be said, Modere Products are safe to use. But, keep in mind, there are some which you have to choose, according to the review. Not for all products.

How to Join Modere MLM Company?

To work with Modere and make money from the company’s compensation plan, you have to join the company as a Distributor Social Marketer of the company. According to the company, basically, there are 2 types of Social marketers in the company.

  • Promoters: For selling Products and earning commission from the sale basis of the products
  • Builder: For Selling Products and making Downline or Team by recruiting new members.

You have to pay $39.99 enrollment fee and purchase at least 75 Points worth of products, to join the Modere MLM Company.

By the way, the Company claim on its website;

  • “To qualify for the XM program, add up to 500 points on your first purchase and 75 points on SmartShip.” This criterion is automatically met by XM Collections.”
  • “The XM program offers a variety of rewards for achieving specific goals in your first month with Modere”.

By the way, You also get to select one of 3 “Business Packs” that come with different products at a lower price:

  • Basic – $199.99
  • Plus- $499.99
  • Final – $699.99

Make Money from Modere Compensation Plan

Yes, you can make money from Modere MLM Company.

But, you need to notice that There are many things that come with MLM that many people struggle with to earn a good amount of money.

Unless they’re high up in the ranking system, people who sign up with Modere often only get a 5% commission on purchases. Consultants must earn more “Client Points” to get more money.

So, Let’s see the 7 payment methods or ways to earn money from the Modere Compensation Plan.

  1. Customer pod bonus: 10-36% commission for recruiting active subscribers + free product credit.
  2. Career path: Get more bonuses as you rank up to recruit more people, see table below for how to rank.
  3. Generational unilevel: 4-7% Bonus on 8th Generation Payment for Senior Consultants.
  4. 4 or more bonus: 4% if you create 4 or more “teams”.
  5. Team Builder Bonus: $100-$3,000 bonus for earning 1,800-240k points per month.
  6. Promoter Development Bonus: $10-$300 per month to help your downline build its customer base.
  7. Leadership Development Bonus: Commission bonus for promoting your downline.

Is Modere a Pyramid Scheme?

Technically no, Modere is not a pyramid scheme.

Basically, Since the  Modere members earn money both by selling services and recruiting new members, it’s safe to say that Modere is not a pyramid scheme.

Social Marketers of the company earn money just by selling Modere products and without hiring anyone

However, since Modere is still an MLM, don’t expect to make money if you don’t plan on recruiting people. Recruiting will make you significantly more money than selling the actual product and you will be more motivated.

However, Modere operates like a “pyramid scheme in disguise”.

Is Modere MLM a Scam?

Now, the one question will move in your Mind, is Modere a scam?

Not technically, Modere is not a Scam. You can make money, as per the compensation plan of the company, but it’s definitely not as easy as the company makes it sound.

I can’t say that Modare MLM is a scam for legal reasons. A scam is defined as “a dishonest scheme”; a forgery” by the Oxford Living Dictionary.

Can you make money selling Modere products? We already know that most Modere reps don’t make any money. Some people can make money but only if you put in a lot of effort. And usually, Recruiting is one of the best ways, the way they make a lot of money from the company.

There’s a lot of upfront work to be done, and no real guarantee of success. Most importantly, the commissions are pretty small. Now, there is nothing wrong with front-loading the work and earning money later.

Pros And Cons Of Modere MLM Company


  • Transparency is one aspect of Modere that sets it apart from other multi-level marketing companies.
  • The company has not faced any Downward Trend till now.
  • Modere is committed to selling its products in 100 percent recyclable packaging, making it an eco-friendly company.


  • Modere has an Expensive product.
  • It is difficult to make money from the Modere compensation plan, especially for new members.
  • Retail commissions are minimal at best, forcing marketers to build a large client base to make money.
  • There are also auto-ship requirements for marketers who are unable to meet a certain amount of sales, which is difficult for MLM newbies to meet.
  • The company has negative reviews, the Better Business Bureau(BBB) gave it only a B rating to the Modere MLM Company.


So, here is the conclusion of my Modere MLM review. Maybe Products is good to use it. On the other hand, the negative side of the company is, You will have a hard time in the beginning when you are prospecting and trying to find recruiters to add to your Modere commission.

Overall, I do not recommend joining Modere MLM to make money.

We already know that MLM’s success rate is only 0.4% and it takes more than thousands of days to build a strong network. I hope you got complete information about Modere MLM from this review.

Now, I want to know from you:

Do you want to join Modere MLM company to earn money?

Have you used any product of Modere company?

Let me know in the comments section now.

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