Influencer And Fitness Enthusiast Chandni Is All About Body Positivity

“Your body isn’t a temple, it is your home, you have to live in forever. Take care of your body.” – Colin Wright

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The way we treat our bodies is the way it reacts. It is often advised to eat well to live a healthy life. The norms of a perfect body changed with time. A recent trend that is quite impressive talks about self-love and body positivity. Among many impressive trends, Chandni, an influencer from Dallas, Texas, is promoting body positivity via the FAT trend- Fearless, Achiever, Trendsetter. She believes that a fit body is a fab body.

The people across the platform have reported that following perfect body images have affected their health colossally. The falsity spread across the platform has not only affected people physically. They have tampered with their mental health. As a result, people are more dissatisfied and comprehending unhealthy behaviour in their lifestyle.

The entire social media is filled with such people who are encouraging such unhealthy norms within the society. Fortunately, some influencers like Chandni have turned down such false body image and encouraged body positivity. She is an influencer from Texas and a huge supporter of fitness. She runs a fitness regime on her social platform named FAT. With FAT, she wants to convey the message of being Fearless, Achiever, and Trendsetter. Her fitness videos have rightly influenced people online. People around the world have started supporting Chandni on her initiative.

As an influencer, it is important for all to understand that sharing information and inspiring people comes with a responsibility. If they are misleading people and sharing wrong details about things, it may cause unimaginable loss to people. Chandni understands that as a person whose views and choices can bring change in people’s life. Therefore, she has always conveyed facts and stated the truth about the information.

If we look into the lives of top celebrities, they live a lavish lifestyle. Their surgeries and maintenance cost millions of dollars. Yet, despite spending millions, they also encounter physical loss. They may be flaunting certain shapes in front of the camera to garner more followers, but they will never share the side-effects that follow with the same.

Body positivity means living a healthy life and accepting what you are and the way you are. Irrespective of what people presume, understanding that what is best for your body is being body positive. It is disappointing to see those social media influencers who know that their acts could affect people’s lives are still continuing to do so.

Chandni, an influencer from Texas, is a mother of two. She started her journey of fitness by exercising in the morning. After following it for a few days, she started seeing some change in herself. After gaining confidence, she started inspiring others. Chandni never felt the requirement of starving to get a lean body. Instead, she was always positive about her looks and flaunted them to influence others. When the world is favouring fake body images, she is the flagship holder of body positivity.

An influencer like Chandni can bring the right changes in society. Starting with a fit lifestyle to feeling comfortable in yourself, she covers every topic that is related to body image. She is doing a fine job and garnering huge appreciation across the web. People like her are the true influencers. They not only bring a change in our society but in our everyday lives too. Kudos to Chandni and her movement – FAT.