How to take care of your ears’ health

Ear care tips

You must take care of your hearing because there is no remedy for damaged hearing. You do not have to wait to start having issues with your ears before you learn what to do. Your ears are gateways to your life, and you want to use them for long. Here are tips for taking care of your ears:

Avoid noisy environments

As much as you can, avoid noisy environments. Most people have noise-induced damaged hearing. Being in environments such as clubs, concerts, etc makes you shout to be heard. Besides, the levels of sound are not good for you. If you cannot avoid being in a noisy environment, you should use earplugs. Musician’s earplugs are a good fit: they are custom-made as you can still hear conversations but not harmful sounds. 

Reduce the volume of the music

Headphones and earphones have made a lot of people addicted to listening to loud music. Studies have shown that plugging in these devices for long hours in your ear leads to damaged hearing. If you must use them at all, you should follow the 60/60 rule. This rule states that you should not listen to music above the volume of 60 for more than 60 minutes. As such, an hour is the highest you can go when using these devices. Besides, you should use headphones instead of earphones. Earphones are closer to your eardrums, which spells a higher risk of ear damage. You have to take note that you should allow your ears to rest from time to time. Intentionally put yourself in a calm environment where you can hear the gentle rustling of the breeze.

 Do not use cotton swabs

It is normal for your ears to have wax. Your earwax plays an important role in maintaining your hearing. When it becomes too much, you should use a damp towel to gently clean it. You could use earwax solutions. If you are in the habit of putting different kinds of objects in your ears, it is high time you stopped. In as much as it is “pleasurable”, it is a dangerous practice. Besides, your ear disposes of excess wax by pushing it to your outer ear, where you can easily put it out. Also, before applying any drug to your ear, ensure it is prescribed by your doctor. Do not self-medicate; the results are often killing.

Keep your ears dry

When there is excess moisture in the ear, bacteria find it easy to enter and thrive in it. Therefore, it is vital that you gently towel-dry your ear after swimming or bathing. Wet ears can call infections such as swimmer’s ear, etc. To keep water away from your ears, you could use custom-made earplugs. You can check with a professional to decide which earplug is good for you.

Live healthily

You have to live a healthy life if you want every part of your body to function properly. Eat more wholesome foods than processed foods. Fruits and vegetables should be part of your diet too. You should be given to healthy habits such as working out, sleeping well, staying away from or cutting down on alcohol, managing stress, avoid surfaces banging against your ears, etc. When you do all of these, you will enjoy good health even into your old age. A healthy life is a key to having strong and well-functioning body organs. You can read about Natural Healthy Concepts to know how they can help you live healthy based on natural concepts.

Go for regular checkups

To avoid your hearing getting damaged, you should go to the hospital to check your ears regularly. You cannot see what is happening in your ears, and you cannot tell if you have tendencies for any ear disease. A checkup can save you resources and a lot of trouble. Make it a habit to schedule regular appointments with your doctor. Also, do not delay when you notice strange signs with your hearing. The ears are not damaged in a day, but gradually. To be on the safe side, only go to professionals to treat your ears.

Get hearing aids if need be

If you find that you have problems with your hearing, do not cover it further. Seek medical help. You may need to get hearing aids. Using hearing aids will help to prevent further damage to your ears. However, ensure you get high-quality hearing aids. One of the companies you might want to patronize if you want to get hearing aids is Eargo. Hearing aids are not devices whose quality you can compromise; doing so comes with huge repercussions. Also, ensure you got the aids on the recommendation of a professional.