Grip strengthening exercises are the best way to boost hand strength.

It is almost known to all.

But the next question is “How long do hand grips take to work?”

There is no definite answer. It depends on different components like how many reps one can do, which kind of hand strengthening has been used and so on.

However, one can train his hand in two different ways, such as:

  1. Increased number of repetitions of each grip for small period
  2. Small number of repetitions of each grip for elongated period

Experts always recommend starting with small counts, then gradually increasing them. Beginner can start with only sets of 5 with 7 repetition for 10 seconds for each hands , when you become habituated with it then increase time from second to 1 minute, or 2 minutes ( as much as you can)

Hand therapists say that to build enough muscle mass and hand strength one should do hand strengthening exercise for a minimum of 24 hours within 15 days. It means one has to do grip strengthening exercises for two hours/day which is tedious and even more difficult.

Then how to manage it?

Do it for 6 months for 5-7 minutes. Patience will give you a visible result. Here you don’t have to suddenly overload the resistance. Gradually increase load over weeks or months, which is called progressive overload. It is the right way to strengthen your hand without causing injury.

When you follow a progressive process, your job will be easier, even you’ll enjoy the journey. Our muscles gradually gain strength and develop a good range of motion. Whereas, sudden increase of load not only hurts and injures your muscles, but also demotivates you permanently.

Follow a slow and steady process to get an effective result. Here consistency and patience are two main components that you must have to increase grip strength. Again, you need to follow the right process!

How to use a hand gripper to leverage maximum outcome?

You have to work in three different ways to strengthen your grip because you must be aware of Crush strength, supporting strength, and pinch strength.

Crush strength boost your ability to clench your hand

Support strength s essential to hold a heavy object for long time

Pinch strength: It is basically thumb strength, the potential to squeeze something between tips of all fingers and the thumb. For great pinching, the thumb must be very strong.

Grip strengthening or squeeze ball only help you to regain and improve your crush grip and supporting grip whereas , pinching grip only be developed with pinching exercise and playing with putty.

If you want to get maximum result, then you need to use a grip strengthener properly

Let’s check

How to use a grip strengthener in correct way

Hold your grip strengthener correctly; Gripping position is crucial

  1. Hold hand grippers handle at 45-degree in your palm. Here the lower handle or bottom handle must keep in palm at -45 angle
  2. Please avoid having handles pointing entirely sideways because it will be much more difficult to place a small finger at the end of the handle. Here the pink finger plays a crucial role to finally close both of the handles.
  3. Again, place the gripper just above the thumb

Stabilized the base of thumb, then hold the device above it

When you place the device just above your thumb, your thumb can contribute maximum strength while squeezing the device. It is very important while squeezing the movements as well.

Place your fingers below the device; As much as possible

Put all your fingers like ring, index, pinky, and middle as down as much as possible. It’ll look like a small finger just hanging on the lower part of the gripper. It is okay to have our thumb just above the device for getting better support.

Tightly bind your finger together

Keep all of your fingers together and tightly bind them. Don’t keep the finger separated. Generate better tensile force by making all fingers together. When you squeeze your finger into the gripper, take a tensile force that makes you at your bae. It allows you to activate all finger muscles and knuckles.

Now the next job is to position all hands in the right way. When you take the gripper at the right spot you can easily avoid slipping or moving your hands from the initial position. When your pinky fingers get engaged on the gripper you can easily squeeze with the fullest potential.

Hand grip strengthening is undoubtedly a great option for grip strengthening. But if you are unable to work with this correctly, don’t worry we have another solution for you, that is hand grip strengthening ball. These balls are made up of silicon, designed ergonomically so that it can be rolled and squeezed easily. Squeezing a silicon ball is a lot of fun!

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