Group fitness classes key to improved health

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You join a gym and want to get in shape, but everything around you looks foreign, and you are at a loss for how to use most of the equipment. You aren’t alone, many people fall into the same predicament, and there is a solution. That would be a group fitness class that helps build the foundation necessary to develop an exercise routine to improve your health through exercise. Exercise requires discipline and dedication to be successful, and extolling the virtues of fitness is just one way to accelerate those attributes.

Get motivated

John Cardillo, named one of Canada’s Premier workout instructors, observed that “When a person joins a group fitness class, they align themselves with like-minded people who have the same goal in mind, a healthy lifestyle”. John Cardillo continued “When you think about it, you become empowered by the strength of the group you join and try things with them you wouldn’t try on your own”.

Structure and order

When selecting a class to join, know that there will be regimentation that produces the type of structure you may not find working out alone. The Premier Fitness program starts with a warm-up to get the muscles loose, then a brisk workout to touch on the areas of fitness you have signed up for, and after that, a cool-down to recuperate.  John Cardillo recommends that Premier Fitness class participants “stretch before and after a workout is the key to getting good muscle tone, and with the cool-down, you reduce your heart rate to normal”.

Variety is the spice of life

When you join a class program, online or in person, such as one offered by  Premier Fitness , John Cardillo suggests that you specifically ask about the group classes offered and what they entail. Cardio kickboxing is popular, Bootcamp exercises will test your stamina, Pilates, and many more exercises can hold benefits for the participant when selecting a group activity. When working out, you want to create a situation called muscle confusion, and different exercises every week will stimulate that reaction. The activities will see your metabolism increase during training, and your body will respond better from a calorie-burning and muscle-building standpoint.

Be accountable

When you join a gym for a fitness class, the gym will require that you sign-up for several classes in advance. It sounds like good marketing, but the Devil in this case in one small detail. Once you have spent the money to register, you become accountable to yourself for your money’s worth from the gym through participation. It drives you to the gym, and it keeps you exercising when you really would rather not. The byproduct of the participation is good health and a firmed, toned physique.

Let’s have fun

According to John Cardillo Premier Fitness Group fitness classes are like going to a nightclub without all the drinks. Loud, upbeat music, gyrating to the beat and upbeat people encouraging you to do better is one positive aspect of group fitness. Jazzing up your workout with a communal group activity that breeds camaraderie keeps your workout fresh and fun. The social dynamic of the group workout can’t be discounted as many friendships have been born at the gym.

Popular group fitness classes


Body and mind exercise has had a renaissance in North America but has been a staple for people seeking exercise for thousands of years. Depending on your exercise activities desires, you can participate in Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Gentle Yoga to tone the body and mind.

Body Fusion

It is a combination of ballet moves and boot camp exercises. It emphasizes the variety of routines with every week you use the exercise style. Strength training, cardio and Pilates round out this type of exercise that has helped many get in shape and stay in shape.

Circuit training

Short bursts at different exercise stations are where this exercise routine earns its stripes. The circuit created by your local gym is anywhere from five to six various activities that require an individual to go all out for 30 seconds before moving on to the next destination. Brief breaks are interspersed into the activities, and the circuits can be conquered a few times during your stay at the gym. This is a fast-paced workout that is quick and produces results on calorie burning and muscle building.


For the seasoned workout rat, HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. An important part of the Premier Fitness program.  It combines heavy exercises with a less intense activity balanced to produce heart rate equilibrium allowing the participant to burn calories quickly in a short period of time.

Bootcamp, not just for the armed forces

John Cardillo says “when  you want maximum pain for maximum gain, Bootcamp group exercises are for you”. The combination of strength training and a heavy dose of cardio to get your blood moving is just the start of this exercise routine. The Bootcamp routine is another exercise routine that creates muscle confusion because of the varied and intense exercises incorporated into the workout. If workouts have become stale and seem more like work than exercise, take a spin in the. The Premier Fitness Bootcamp fitness class is perhaps the challenge you demand to get your body and mind in the greatest shape of your life.


Story by Brad Stein. He is a seasoned journalist and copywriter and Cambridge University graduate. His commitment in covering scientific innovations in the health and fitness industry is unparalleled. He has covered topics such as HIIT training, intermittent fasting, and some of the world’s premier exercise strategies.