Get a handle on your fitness and health with this smart watch

What did we do before the convenience of the smartwatch? We counted our steps and calories manually (remember that little notepad you took everywhere with you?), for the most part. The Sinji Premium Smart Watch is designed to count your steps, calories, play music, and much more for your fitness and health-tracking needs. 

With its 1.18″ large touchscreen, you’ll always have a clear, crisp view of the time, date, and other functions. This watch has an IP67 dust-proof and waterproof rating, so you can wear it during wet weather (just try to avoid submerging it in water). Its Bluetooth v4.0 allows you to listen to music directly from the watch. You can even get notifications from and read messages on WhatsApp. 

This useful smartwatch is ideal for wearing if you want to track your recent fitness activity. You can quickly figure out how many calories you burned during your last run. It’s a great way to meet specific fitness goals and stay on top of your steps. You’ll also be able to see your stats when you sync your watch with the free app.

Other notable features of the Sinji watch include the pedometer, sports mode, health monitor, blood pressure and oxygen monitor, message notifications, real-time body temperature monitor, heart rate monitor, and weather forecast function. Not to mention, its silicone wristband is comfortable enough to wear all day, and won’t pinch your skin.

Want to stay on top of your health even more? Skip the gym and get this foldable treadmill – it’s great for apartments or small living spaces.

The Sinji Premium Smartwatch will change your life for the better. You’ll develop better habits, become more in tune with how often you move your body, and be able to easily check on all of your health and fitness stats with the app. So, take charge of your health and activity and grab this smartwatch today while it’s on sale for $49.95.