Breast Pain Before Periods: Causes and Home Remedies

Breast Pain Before Periods: Causes and Home Remedies

Do you worry because of breast pain? It might simply be related to your upcoming period. Breast pain, also known as mastalgia or mastodynia, can be brought on by a number of conditions, the menstrual cycle being the most frequent. Contrary to common belief, breast pain is not always indicative of breast cancer. However, you should see a doctor to get the situation explained if you notice a few lumps in your breast that won’t go away along with breast soreness.

Most of the time, making a few lifestyle changes will make breast pain manageable and quickly disappear. Although the pain may go away, it can still be quite painful, which is why we look for remedies to relieve it. So, are you trying to find an immediate cure for breast pain? Yes, there are a few on our list that you can try.

Mastalgia – Another name for breast pain before your period

Although the precise cause of cyclic breast pain and swelling is unknown, the regular hormonal changes that take place during the menstrual cycle are most likely responsible. Women in their 20s, 30s and 40s are most frequently affected by cyclic mastalgia during the week leading up to their period.

breast pain during periods

The top and bottom of each breast are frequently where the pain settles, but it can also radiate to the underarm. The breasts can occasionally feel both tender and swollen at the same time. Cyclical mastalgia affects the majority of female sufferers.

Noncyclic Mastalgia

Noncyclic mastalgia is a type of mastalgia that has no direct link to the menstrual cycle. In fact, the source of the pain could be elsewhere (like a nearby muscle or joint).

What causes cyclical breast pain, Mastalgia?

In contrast to the typical hormonal changes that take place each month, it is believed that women who experience cyclical breast pain have breast tissue that is more sensitive than usual. It is not brought on by any hormonal disorders or issues with the breast itself. It has nothing to do with any other breast disorders. Though it is not serious, it can still be inconvenient.

Symptoms of cyclical breast pain:

Cyclical breast pain typically occurs at a specific point during each menstrual cycle and is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • 5–10 days prior to the beginning of a period, breast pain is felt; it disappears once the period begins.
  • Breast heaviness and tenderness, with the possibility of sharp or shooting pain.
  • Breasts that feel lumpy or swollen in the days before the start of your period.

Over time, periods that are unpredictable and women with PCOS become synonymous. Thus, it is possible that breast pain will occur too soon before a period. You can always go with a natural approach in this circumstance. Which is it? a Banana, which is very basic.

There are times when breast pain is so bad that it interferes with sexual activity. Even though this is less frequently reported, some people also claim that breast pain makes it difficult to go to school, work, or sleep.

How long does breast pain last?

You’ll probably experience cyclic breast pain with each menstrual cycle up until menopause. Even though breast pain is a relatively common problem, how severe it is will depend on the medications and lifestyle changes you choose to use to treat it. 

These various approaches can also be used to treat and manage noncyclic breast pain. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to get these medications or alter your lifestyle in a positive way, so you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

Treatment for breast pain during premenstrual

You might wonder, “How do I get rid of my sore breasts?” If the symptoms are minor, no treatment might be required. Knowing that cyclical breast pain is not a sign of cancer or a serious breast disease gives many women comfort.

Within three to six months, the issue might resolve itself. However, after the pain has subsided in up to 6 out of 10 women, it returns after a few years. In other words, over time, cyclical breast pain may come and go. Treatment options include the following home remedies which have proven results.

  1. Hot or Cold Compress 

Hot or Cold Compress

Applying heat or cold to the area would be a quick fix for breast pain. You can apply heat to the part of your breast that hurts the most, but be careful to keep your skin safe. You can apply a hot or cold pack to the breast, but if it is too hot or cold, it could hurt your skin. Be careful to use heat or cold compress at the proper temperature. This treatment may help to relieve breast pain.

  1. Comfortable Clothes

Some women find that wearing a wider or more comfortable armband relieves their painful breasts because breasts can swell before or during menstruation. By doing so, the chest is better supported and the breasts aren’t subjected to any additional stress or pressure.

If you wear bras, we advise wearing sports sizes or sizing up to reduce discomfort. Other women may find relief in forgoing the use of a bra and selecting soft, loose-fitting sweaters. You must determine what is best for you because it is your body.

  1. Lifestyle Changes

Altering one’s way of life can also help manage premenstrual breast tenderness and swell. Whenever symptoms are at their worst, wear a supportive sports bra. In order to give yourself more support while you sleep, you may decide to wear the bra at night as well.

Breast pain may be influenced by diet. Alcohol, caffeine, and foods high in fat and salt can all make you feel worse. In a week or two prior to your period, cutting back on or completely avoiding these foods may help you manage or prevent symptoms.

  1. Orange Skin Essential Oil  

Numerous substances found in orange skin oil (Citrus sinensis) may have positive therapeutic effects on the central nervous system, including pain relief, muscle relaxation, and mood enhancement. A study revealed that regular use of orange skin essential oil could lessen PMS’s physical effects. 

Orange Skin Essential Oil

As a result, it can be used as a treatment for breast pain. You can put a few drops of orange skin essential oil in a cup of warm water and sip it. You may need to carefully adhere to the treatment’s instructions to benefit from its relief of breast pain.

  1. Turmeric  


Like vitamin E and vitamin C, turmeric may have antioxidant properties. It might also be able to lessen inflammation. According to a study, breast pain was lessened in women who received curcumin before their period. To lessen breast pain, combine a little turmeric powder with warm milk and drink it just before your period. It might work as a helpful trick for cyclic breast pain.


Although it can be extremely uncomfortable, breast pain is typically not serious. Fortunately, symptoms can frequently be controlled by straightforward self-care techniques. Make an appointment with your healthcare provider if you experience lumps, changes in the texture of your breasts, or discharge from your nipples in addition to breast pain. 

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