Anguilla Food and Drinks! • Kath Eats

Anguilla Food and Drinks! • Kath Eats

In part II of my Four Seasons Anguilla trip posts, I’m sharing all of our Anguilla food and drinks: what we ate, sipped, and our favorites. Plus tips for travelers! 

Read part I of our trip here: Four Seasons Anguilla

Anguilla Food and Drinks

The food on Anguilla is very expensive but it was very, very good!

The food was also so fresh and tropical! We didn’t have a bad meal. Here are our meal highlights!

Breakfast at SALT

Here is a big tip for those visiting: make sure breakfast is included in your stay!

Ours was via the Chase portal and we were so glad because the buffet, while amazing, was $52 a person. Our bill was $135 each morning and included with our room. That would add up so fast otherwise. 

The breakfast was incredible though!!

We loved the tropical juices, smoked salmon on a Johnny cake, chia pudding, and spread of tropical fruit. I also got some eggs most mornings, and Thomas loved the mini croissants. 

Tropical Juices

I’m not usually a juice girl, but the mango-guava-papaya blends were SO good!!

They had an omelet station, waffles and pancakes, breakfast meats, traditional Anguillan food (I got plantains one morning, and they had lamb and Johnny cakes), and even a kids area with sprinkles and M&Ms for pancake toppers. 

The views at SALT were just incredible!! 

Lunch at Half Shell Bar

Our favorite spot for lunch was off the beaten path a little – Half Shell Bar on Barnes Bay Beach. You have to walk through the villas to find it, but it’s worth the walk. The bar is right on the beach and you just can’t beat the view! 

The food was also amazing, and we had fish tacos twice and shrimp skewers. 

Mahi Mahi Tacos

Shrimp Skewers 

Ceviche to Share and a Split Tropical Salad 

Thomas living his best birthday life

Towards the end of our trip, we ended up just skipping lunch! We ate a later breakfast as we adjusted to vacation life and weren’t really hungry in the middle of the day. That was nice because it saved us $100+. 

The staff also brought around little snacks here and there – a smoothie shot, a little taste of guacamole and 3 chips. 

And one day my friend Brent shared his quesadilla – that was a nice snack! 

I loved the white wine sangria made with peach schnapps at Half Shell!

There was a second spot for lunch: Bamboo Bar & Grill. But we ended up not going because we spent most of our time at the Sunset Pool or the Barnes Bay Beach. 

Dinner at SALT

We dined at SALT a couple of times and it was quite the experience!

When you walk in you’re greeted with a welcome drink – tropical juice with a rum shooter and a lemongrass salted rim. Exquisite! 

We had a table overlooking the ocean all three nights and the spotlights shown on sea turtles and huge tarpon fish! We sent some videos home to the boys. 


Head’s up that the wines were $18-29 a glasses, but the one time I splurged on the expensive cabernet it was worth it. 

Tableside Ceviche 

We had ceviche and the conch tostada, both were delicious. 

Johnny Cakes “Bread Basket”

Our favorite part about SALT were the Johnny cakes! They prepared the salt table side crushed with basil and mint, and the cakes made with flour and cornmeal reminded me of a mix between a pancake and a biscuit.  

Pork Chop with plantain and a rum sauce 

Salt cakes and yucca fries 

Molten Chocolate Cake

We had this almost every night and devoured it!! 

Dessert Drink 

To end the most amazing dinner, with your check they bring another drink on the house – a mango smoothie spiked with something good! And little tiny mango gummy bears too. 

Dinner at Sunset Lounge

For a more casual dinner, we dined at Sunset Lounge which serves Asian inspired dishes and sushi. You don’t need a reservation here. 

The bar is open air and GORGEOUS and they had live music two of the weekend nights. 

The Passionate – Pyrat rum, cinnamon, lemon, egg white, orange bitters, passionfruit-amaretto foam. Anguilla’s 50th anniversary cocktail! 

We had lobster and tempura shrimp sushi that were some of the best we’ve ever had! 

Dinner at Blanchards

We had dinner one night at Blanchards, which we took a taxi to from the resort (for about $25 with tip). Blanchards seems like a beloved local spot, and they had a long list of its history and charitable contributions to the community on the back of the menu.

They also have a casual taco restaurant on the property. 

Local Grouper + Jerk Chicken

Cracked Coconut

The highlight though was the Cracked Coconut – a Blanchard’s famous dessert! It was like chocolate bark in the shape of a coconut filled with ice cream. Loved it! We walked home under the full moon on the beach. 

Four Seasons Food Costs

Salads and apps were $15-25, lunch entrees were $30-40, and dinner entrees $40-70. There’s a 15% service charge and a 15% tax/environmental fee added to every check, so that means the cost is even higher when the bill comes. Plus you can add extra gratuity for excellent service, too. 

Cocktails and wine glasses were also about $20 each, so plan your spending money accordingly. 

Since we had the gift card, we were able to not worry about our food or drink costs. We spent $300-400 a day on drinks and dining, excluding breakfast, which was included in our room package (see below!)

If you are a big eater or like to have cocktails all day long, I would double that daily cost. 

A note on water: Bottled water was offered at every meal for $10. We didn’t realize this at first and paid for a few bottles of still water. Then we switched to sparkling water if we were going to have to pay for it anyways. Finally we realized we could just ask for tap water and that was fine to drink.

Other Local Restaurants

Aside from walking on the beach, I wouldn’t say that the resort was particularly walkable. You had to take a taxi to leave, although that was easy to get from the front lobby. You could also charge taxis to the room. 

Next door to the Four Seasons there was a new club called Savi. We almost went there a few times, but we are just not late night party people so we never did. Also just down the beach was a casual spot called The Straw Hat. 

Our friends went to Sharky’s and said it was good, and we had a reservation at Mango’s that we ended up changing since walking down the beach to go there was almost impossible with the tide up and we didn’t want to do a taxi. 

Things To Do At The Four Seasons Anguilla

Beach Walking

Aside from basking in sunshine and sipping cocktails, we did do some exploring on foot. We walked to the edge of Meads Bay Beach. I pretended I was on Survivor! 

Boat Tours

There are a couple of boat tours you can take to the smaller nearby islands. Our friends did one and said it was just OK. The water was too rough for them to actually get off the boat that day. 


Thomas and I played tennis one day! This was our first time playing together. We were glad the courts and tennis racquets were complimentary, and we just had to pay $10 for some new balls. 

Fitness Center

A few of the mornings we went to the fitness center before breakfast. It was very nice with plenty of equipment. I mostly walked on the treadmill at a steep incline and Thomas sweated it out on the stair master. 

Watching The World Cup

We got to watch in the open air!

The Four Seasons Spa!

We got massages during our trip and they were great! The spa was beautiful and had its own infinity pool and steam room to use while waiting. 

Tips For Visiting The Four Seasons Anguilla

The Free Wifi Was Great

The Wifi on the property was great!! Wifi can be hit or miss and some resorts make you sign in every time through a browser, but this wifi was like being at home after an initial sign in. The signal reached way down the beaches too.

We didn’t opt for an international cell phone plan, and I’m glad we didn’t because it wasn’t necessary. SXM airport also had free wifi. 

Beach Bags

You can get a free Four Seasons tote at the front desk, so don’t pack a beach bag! 

Sunscreen at the pools

There is no need to bring sunscreen or a water bottle – both are plentiful. They had SPF 30 and 50 as well as aloe at the pools and beaches. 


Bring tons of cash in low bills for tips. More than you think you’ll need! 

The Pools Were Freezing

If you are a pool person, you might not mind, but the pools were FREEZING! We had to psych ourselves up for a plunge in the sunset pool, but once we were in it was worth it.

The ocean was pretty cool too – not like the Carolina beaches in the summer. 

Attn: Beer Lovers

If you are a big IPA drinker, you’ll be disappointed that the only beers they had were lagers. Presidente, Caribe, Red Stripe, Heineken. Thomas switched to Pina coladas and rum punch! 

For the coffee snobs (like us)

We had both a Nespresso maker and a Keurig machine in our room, which were fine, but we like really good big cups of coffee!

For the coffee snobs (like us!) we recommend going to get to-go coffee at the fitness center. It was delicious and much better than the Keurig. 

Was it kid friendly? 

There were kids and some babies at the resort, but I can’t say I would want to bring mine. There wasn’t a ton of kid activities like water slides and the beach wasn’t very calm for kids, so I don’t think mine would have loved it. (Although I got several texts from the seafood-loving Mazen that he really wished he could be eating mahi with us!)

There were these kid-sized lounge chairs that were so cute! And there is a kids club for some adults-only time. 

Is The Four Seasons Anguilla Worth It?

1,000% yes! This was the nicest resort we have ever stayed, and one that we would definitely consider returning to.

While it normally would probably be too expensive for us, learning how to use credit cards for travel has opened a whole new world of options.

With a whole world to see, it’s hard to imagine going back to the same spot, but boy would it be fun to do so! 

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