A Helping Hand Can Guide Your Weight Loss Journey


One of the most difficult aspects of losing weight is that for one reason or another, we tend to be very private about it. Even when we publicly acknowledge that we are trying to shed some extra pounds and get healthier, we only ever mention it in passing. That is because a weight loss journey can be extremely personal, with one or several issues attached. Some of us have a hard time committing to a fitness routine, while others among us have a complicated relationship with food, as well as problems with impulse control. Whatever the underlying reason, it can be hard to truly open up about our need or desire to lose weight. Now, to the select few who can do this, congratulations! But the truth is, as with most things, we are usually too stubborn or proud, or sometimes even ashamed to ask for help, and that is generally detrimental to our efforts. Fortunately, at Olivera Weight Loss we have long since been refining our approach to healthy, safe, and sustainable weight loss. Let’s go over how we can help with weight loss by following a plan proven by medical science, and decades worth of both experience and results.

The First Step Is Always The Hardest. Take it With Us

This point applies in a few different ways. Firstly, when we are starting any endeavor, but especially when it is something more personal like weight loss, people have a habit of imagining, but not ever taking the first step. Whether it’s saying to ourselves “Today is the day”, or reaching out for help, the first obstacle shows up before we even begin. But like we said, while this is a personal journey, personal does not mean alone. The first step could be something as simple as reaching out to us. This is really two steps, because the first was reaching out, and by agreeing to come visit, it adds the element of accountability. Having something tangible to do is the fastest way to get started.

We Have a Plan

When we try to lose weight, we sometimes get a little bit too unfocused, or disorganized in our approach. These happen in a few different ways, such as inconsistent workouts, or negotiating with ourselves whether we should have a sugary snack as a reward for being good. But there is a difference between being unpredictable with sticking to our diets and having a designated cheat day. At Olivera Weight Loss, our staff of trained and highly experienced medical professionals work with you to create a meal plan that works for you. If you’re going to go on a weight loss journey, why not have a map to success?

We Are Equipped to Help Deal With Impulse Control Problems

Those of us who need or want to lose weight are all too familiar with this issue. We see something that looks or smells delicious, and we can’t help but get a little (or big) taste. Usually, this is compounded by the fact that foods that trigger us, such as candy or salty chips, make us crave them even more. So, a “little taste” becomes a full-on snack attack more often than not. As we pointed out, we can alleviate this by developing a meal plan so we can schedule healthy meals as well as the right time to snack, in the appropriate amount. But how to stick with it? At Olivera Weight Loss, patients who have qualified for treatment with us receive Phentermine, a clinically proven and FDA approved appetite suppressant. Obviously, we still all need to eat to live, but through this approach, we can help make sure that we are eating to live and not living to eat. Having a plan and knowing that you will have the help, tools, and support to stick with it is a tremendous benefit for your weight loss journey.

Continuity and Consistency are Key

As we’ve said before, we’re here to help. By staying consistent with our plans and making sure we follow the weight loss path set before us, our chances of successful weight loss aren’t so much an “if” as a “when.” But we understand that everyone hits roadblocks now and then. After the first two visits to our clinic, patients can opt for telehealth appointments. Which means whether you need to refill your prescription, or a friendly and non-judgmental person to talk to you regarding your weight loss journey, you can have an appointment over the phone, no matter where you are. After all, your weight loss journey is wherever you happen to be.

Help from Medical Professionals Goes a Long Way

When all is said and done, weight loss falls under the category of medical science. By seeking the help of trained professionals, you not only have better resources to succeed, but the support structure you need to continue building better habits. Sustaining these habits during the end of year Holidays is essential to keep the momentum going in the new year! The professionals at Olivera Weight Loss have over 40 years of experience in helping people reduce their weight to a healthy BMI, in a clinically proven and medically safe way, and with the means to help their patients keep it off.

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