560: Dr. Molly Maloof on Hormones, Trauma Recovery, Healthspan and the Science of Love


Joe Cohen won the lottery on undesirable genes. From childhood he endured from all forms of swelling, fatigue, digestive difficulties, panic, despair, and a lot of other difficulties his medical professionals couldn’t seem to form out. Pissed off by the absence of very good details and resources, he threw himself into experimentation and self-finding out to improve his well being like numerous of us have. He’s now a self-built “biohacker” and he developed the best biohacking resource, a internet site called SelfHacked.
All this led to his subsequent venture, a biotech computer software system for DNA-dependent health and fitness exploration known as SelfDecode. We go deep right now into how you can use your individualized genetics to recognize how to satisfy your overall health aims.
There is so a great deal to address below I bet we’ll need to have Joe again for spherical two, but for now let’s get begun!
Episode Highlights With SelfDecode

A useful analogy for how our immune technique is effective
The part of genetics in our personalized wellbeing
Why all MTHFR mutations aren’t equivalent (it depends on your genes)
How recognizing your genetic info can assist you determine out the correct path to conquer depression
Means to counteract your “bad” genes
Why COVID has an effect on some people additional than other people
Diet plan concerns for a person with the PEMT (fatty liver) gene
And far more!

Resources We Mention

Longevity DNA Report (get 10% off with code WELLNESSMAMA)

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