5 Holistic Weight Loss ways to achieve your New year Resolution

5 Holistic Weight Loss ways to achieve your New year Resolution

As New year begins, it’s time to reflect on resolutions and how to turn your #Weightlossgoals into positive lifestyle changes. Whether you’re in a successful routine or struggling to see desired results, Shathayu Ayurveda is on your side for more holistic , reliable and natural weight loss solutions.

Losing weight has become the buzz word today; everyone wants a perfect and healthy body. Many try many things including restricting from their favorite foods, going to the gym, using special foods for weight loss. Sometimes the combination of such efforts work well. Ayurveda Panchakrma also addresses weight gain issues and experts feel Detox can be highly effective if combined with appropriate diet and lifestyle modifications.

To help reach your personal health goals, we follow these 5 holistic natural ways for long term weight loss and fitness.
1.Ayurveda DETOX and Weight loss massage
Shathayu Ayurveda Retreat offers a variety of weight loss programmes that are time-tested and free of side effects.
Ayurveda Detoxification a special cleansing panchakarma treatment is the most effective way to support your body’s cleaning system. It is especially important for metabolic issues. Obesity, arthritis, diabetes, and hormonal imbalance. Weight loss becomes easier once your liver is detoxified and your metabolism is boosted.

Herbal fat-burning massages, steam baths, and basti-enema also help to improve muscle toning, reduce stress, and aid in weight loss. Special ayurvedic body scrubs have been found to be effective in the treatment of cellulites.

2.Fitness with Yoga and Exercise
Best and safe exercise for any age is Yoga.Yoga not only aids in weight loss but also makes the body more flexible. If done correctly and on a regular basis, it is also an excellent workout for building lean muscle. Our tailored Yoga sessions at Shathayu Retreat will emphasise special asana for belly fat reduction, flexibility, and stretching.
Yoga exercises can help greatly in the reduction of belly fat and fat deposits in the body.

There are several positions in the asanas which help in reduction of the belly fat with the twists and the elongations exercises in yoga.

Some Yoga Asanas like Dhanurasana, Naukasana, Matsyasana, Bhujangasana, Ardha halasana, Ardha matsyendrasana help in the reduction of the belly fat greatly. Twisting exercises stretches the oblique muscles and helps to burn the extra fats from the sides of the abdomen as well as what are deposited in various organs of the body.

Walking is also the oldest and most effective way to maintain a healthy weight.
Daiy at least 30 minutes of walking ,Yoga , running or swimming – the choice is yours. You’ll have plenty of energy throughout the day as a result of the exercises, and your body will be in great shape.

3.Healthy eating habits
Take an honest look at your eating habits. Safe natural weight loss shouldn’t mean starvation, depriving yourself of food can have an opposite effect and can bring trouble for your body. Key to long term weight loss is
Eating balanced food and moderation. If you were eating a meal that is high in fat or sugar simply compensate for that by eating meals that are low in fat and sugar for the next few days.

Eat right food – Protein is incredibly important to maintain the right diet. Try eating at least 5 fruits or veggies in day like watermelon, avocado, raspberries, broccoli, onion, blueberries and sweet potato.

Eating a diet rich in whole grains and protein while reducing refined carbohydrates changes the glucose and insulin response and makes it easier to mobilise fat stores. Moderate eating is the key and apart from this, you must learn portion management. Our doctors and Chef will guide you on eating right amount of food for successful weight loss

4.Nature cure therapies
Naturopathy, treatment for weight loss/obesity is combination of Mud packs, Abdomen packs for belly fat , Hip bath , enema and based on body fat -limiting consumption of calories as per body’s actual requirements and adding more natural food in your diet .

Under guidance of nature-cure physician one can plan juice therapy ,fasting, Water fasting along with Hydrotherapy, Sauna bath, steam bath and Mud Therapy is effective way of losing weight.

5.De stress with meditation and pranayama
Some of the  pranayama like kapalabati ,Bhastrika Pranayama and meditation aids in weight loss, these practicing pranayama or breathing exercise and meditation techniques will provide relaxation for body and mind. It can help boost your metabolism help in weight loss also reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Breathing exercises helps in reduction of the fat deposits near the stomach region by providing more oxygen to burn fat. It helps in reduction of the belly fat and also provides the lost zeal to the body. As the stomach lifts up and down with continuous breathing exercises, you will discover these simple exercises results in stomach free of the fat, and tones the body as well.

With Shathayu Retreat losing weight just got safe and easier. Register to get started with us today.
The Holistic way of losing weight focuses on the eradication of the cause,changing lifestyle for sure shot weight loss. You must have heard “Slow and steady wins the race.” Same goes with Losing weight. The natural and traditional methods of Ayurveda,Yoga and Naturopathy are gradual but safe, time-tested and effective in the long run.

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