3 Groups Of Food You Should Eat To Help Prepare Your Body For Surgery

How to eat to prepare for surgery

If you’re preparing for surgery and want to get your body in the best condition possible, then you’re in the right place. We’re here with three groups of food you can eat to help prepare your body, whether you’re having plastic surgery Manchester based or knee surgery in London. The most important thing to remember when you’re planning for surgery is to follow the guidance of your surgeon, as they will know everything to do with your health background and your surgery, so this is first and foremost. However, in general, these are healthy groups of food to help you look after your body and keep it as healthy as possible before surgery! 

Lean Protein

First up, you should eat lean protein, including lean beef mince, chicken breasts, turkey, white fleshed fish, plain greek yoghurt, beans, lentils and so on. Protein is important in our diets in general, as well as in the run up to surgery, as it helps our body to heal in a healthy way and reduce the risk of infection. Your body needs fuel after surgery, which lean protein can help you to get. So, aim to eat a portion of lean protein with every meal both in the run up to your surgery and after, to help you keep your body healthy. You could bulk make some meals with lean protein, like a chilli con carne with lean beef mince and beans, then freeze some of it so you’ve got fueling meals packed full of healthy protein ready for your recovery. Bulk making some nutrient packed meals for your recovery is one of our favourite tips to help make life easier after recovery, especially if you live alone, as well as to keep your body fuelled with the food it needs after having surgery! 

Fruit and Vegetables

Eating fruit and vegetables before surgery is important, as they’re packed full of fantastic vitamins and minerals that are needed to keep all of our core bodily functions working properly. Particularly focusing on fruit and veg high in vitamin C will help, as they’re full of vitamin C which helps our body to form collagen, which is needed for a healthy recovery. Depending on the type of surgery you’re having, there may be some categories of fruit or veg to avoid so make sure to ask your surgeon, however, if you’re having something routine like a breast reduction Manchester based, you should be fine to eat most things as long as your surgeon says so. 


Whilst we know this one isn’t technically a food, you should drink plenty of water in the run up to your surgery to keep your body well hydrated. Usually there are some restrictions in terms of when you need to stop drinking before your surgery, however in the weeks running up to it, drinking lots of water can keep your body healthy and happy, so you’re in the best condition possible to go into surgery. 

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