20 Weight Loss-Themed Gifts They’ll Love

20 Weight Loss-Themed Gifts They’ll Love

by Caitlin H,

Dec 12, 2022

Holiday Gift

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be challenging, especially if you want to support their weight loss goals tactfully.

Thankfully, there are options to give them what they want (or need!) with class. Our holiday gift roundup below includes ideas for 20 thoughtful, quality weight loss-related gifts that will make them smile and help them achieve their goal!


Smart Water Bottle

Experts recommend drinking at least 8 cups of water a day. That’s a goal many forget to reach, which is exactly why a Smart Water Bottle makes an excellent gift. Smart Water Bottles sync with apps and send alerts reminding them to drink a cup of water. Some versions even glow or make fun sounds when they take a drink!


Office Exercise Equipment

Working from home is way more common these days. It’s easy to stay glued to a computer screen all day, which is why office exercise equipment is an excellent option to help them get moving! Options include under-desk ellipticals, giant balance balls, footrests to support their backs, foot pedalers and even treadmill desks!


Fitness Tracker

When it comes to weight loss, knowledge is power.* Help them keep an accurate pulse on daily steps, heart rate, calories burned, sleep quality, food intake and more with a fitness tracker! Options run the gamut on price, meaning they’ll most likely fit into your gift budget and make for the specialist present you give!


Yoga Equipment

Yoga is one of the best forms of fitness to promote mental and physical wellness. It’s also an excellent choice for fitness newbies. Yoga mats, clothes, therapy balls, blocks and wheels are fun gifts that come in colors and styles for anyone and everyone. Plus, you can get extra creative by pairing it with a gift certificate to a local studio or class.


Massage Gun

They’re going to be beat after their workout. Give them the gift of muscle tension relief with a massage gun. Message guns are handheld devices that vibrate to massage muscles. They’re just the thing for showing them you value their relaxation and recovery as much as their weight loss!


Gym Bag

The sky’s the limit when it comes to colors, varieties, styles and sizes of gym bags. That means you can find the perfect one to fit their personality and goals. They’re also available across various price points for all gift budget sizes!


Smart Scale

Weight isn’t the only factor that matter when it comes to health. Smart scales take it to the next level by measuring body composition. They also work synonymously towards improving their overall health by pairing with fitness trackers and apps.


Adjustable Weight Set

Cardio is often front and center regarding weight loss, but it’s also critical to focus on strength training. Adjustable weight sets make for an excellent gift to promote muscle health. They’re often small and compact and available in an array of colors and styles to fit their unique needs. Add a pair of workout gloves or lift straps to take your gift to the next level.


Smart Jump Rope

Bring them back to an elevated version of childhood with a smart jump rope. Smart jump ropes are high-quality fitness equipment with LCD screens that pair with apps to track their data and gains. They come in many colors and materials, ensuring you’ll get them exactly what they want.


Digital Food Scale

Portion control is a critical element when it comes to weight loss.* Many nutrition labels use weight to indicate how many calories are in a serving. For example, it can be challenging to eyeball something like an ounce of chips. A digital food scale will help them measure precisely how much they’re eating so they can track calories correctly.


Bluetooth Headphones

Studies show that listening to music while exercising increases the duration and intensity. Help them elevate their fitness routine to the next level with a set of Bluetooth headphones. Headphones run the gamut regarding pricing, but you can give them a high-quality pair that costs around $200-$300 and will keep them going strong no matter what exercise they’re doing.


Personal Training or Nutritionist Session

Knowing where to start can feel darn near impossible for the fitness or healthy eating beginner. Giving them a gift certificate for a training session with a personal trainer or nutritionist can give them a quick kickstart on their journey. Plus, it’s a simple, thoughtful gift that tucks away neatly into a Christmas card or works as a stocking stuffer.


Workout Clothes

Perfect for every budget, workout clothing makes for an excellent gift for a loved one. There’s no shortage of styles, shapes, colors or quality, meaning you can find the perfect jacket, leggings, top, or pair of shorts to wrap up and place under the tree.


Healthy Food Cookbook

Where to start when it comes to healthy eating? That’s a question many of us ask, which is exactly why a healthy food cookbook is an excellent gift. You can find one that fits any dietary needs — everything from keto to calorie-control to vegetarian and more. It’s customizable, thoughtful and cost-effective for any budget!


Diet Program Subscription

A diet program subscription is just the thing for that person on your list with limited time or who hates cooking. Giving them a jumpstart with their first week or month of meals paid for through a healthy meal delivery service like Diet-to-Go is a thoughtful, generous gift that will set them up for long-term success. Diet-to-Go meals are delicious, chef-crafted, portion- and calorie-controlled and delivered right to their door.


Fitness Games

Exercise is way more fun when there’s a game involved! Gifts like fitness dice, exercise cards and video games (including virtual reality) take the “work” out of working out by adding a layer of competition.


Food Journal

Tracking calories and nutrition is an essential element of weight loss.* Gift them with a food journal that will give them a place to write down and understand what they’re eating each day. Pair it with colorful pens so they can use the different colors to organize their thoughts. If writing isn’t their thing, you can also gift them a Premium subscription to a food tracking app like myFitnessPal, Fitbit, FatSecret, Lose It! Or Fooducate.


Weighted Blanket

Losing weight requires a clear mind and energy* — and that starts with a good night’s sleep. Weighted blankets can help calm their nervous system, offer an elevated sense of comfort and security and alleviate anxiety and stress, offering a better night’s sleep that can help them wake up feeling refreshed and ready to succeed the next day.


Self-Care Kit

When someone is on a weight loss journey, they must avoid rewarding their success with food. Encourage them to celebrate their accomplishments with something like a self-care kit instead. You can include all sorts of things in the kit, such as bath bombs or salts, scented candles or lotions, skin care products, massage oils and gift certificates, a sleep mask and more.


Spa Day Gift Certificate

Nothing is better than a full day at the spa after days, weeks or months of hard work losing weight.* Treat them to a reward they’ll never forget with a full day at the spa, complete with facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, aromatherapy, you name it! It’s an experience that will leave them feeling relaxed, revived and refreshed, ready to keep going strong for weeks to come!

Whether you want to go big with a meal subscription package or fitness equipment, or gift them with something small and thoughtful like a self-care kit or cookbook, give them a healthy-themed gift that will support their efforts for months to come!

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