10 Easy Bistro Box Lunch Ideas for Kids & Adults

10 Easy Bistro Box Lunch Ideas for Kids & Adults

A bistro box makes a perfect light meal or satisfying snack for kids and grown-ups. Here are 10 bistro box lunch ideas for inspiration.

This post was written in partnership with Healthy Family Project.

A bistro box is more than a trendy coffee shop item with a fancy-schmancy name. It’s also:

  • A healthy lunch for a little one
  • A great option for kids with smaller appetites
  • A hearty after-school snack before sports practices or other activities
  • A satisfying afternoon snack at work

It’s something you can tuck in a lunch bag with a cold pack and send to school, hand your teen in the car after school on the way to activities, or stash in the work fridge.

You can prep a week’s worth of boxes on Monday. Or fill them with dinner leftovers each evening.

You can make them as large or small as you like (we’re showing different sizes here to give you plenty of ideas).

And by making your own bistro boxes at home, you can pack foods you and your kids like the best–and save a bunch of money.

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