Can Low Self-Esteem Lead To Substance Abuse And Addiction Problems?

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The continuous rise of the drug and substance addiction epidemic worldwide has been a cause of many concerns. According to one well-known sublocade treatment doctor, drugs and substances do not target a specific demographic of the population. Amongst their victims lie people from every gender, race, ethnicity, age group, and nationality. 

Although, according to him, suboxone and sublocade treatments have created a highly positive impact in stemming the tide of drugs, especially opioid addiction. With a suboxone doctor nearby, an addicted individual or patient can check in an inpatient program or an intensive outpatient program and start their recovery journey from drugs and substances.

Once a patient begins showing positive impact over suboxone treatment, he might be prescribed a sublocade shot each month. It forms the next stage of graduation to this kind of maintenance medication. However, the high suboxone and sublocade prices restrict these drugs from being accessed by the standard population. The control of the sublocade price should be a significant step undertaken by private pharma companies and the government to make the drugs universally available and eradicate substance addiction forever. 

A sublocade treatment doctor explains the case of low self-esteem in individuals:

The majority of the addiction cases do not define obvious causes for dependence, but low self-esteem is a common sign of substance abuse in individuals, especially teenagers. Many treatment strategies implemented by the suboxone Clinic in Pembroke address self-image as critical in addiction recovery.

Self-esteem is a vital component that helps develop human spirits, self-worth, and power to build boundaries for happiness. A person with high self-esteem will feel confident and assured of tackling worldly situations, but individuals lacking self-esteem will feel ashamed and unworthy of handling difficult situations. Moreover, they are less capable of managing emotions positively and always need someone to comfort them.

How low self-esteem and substance addiction are linked?

Low self-esteem and substance addiction go hand in hand as people with low self-esteem feel anxious and depressed when encountering various situations in life. They attempt to fit in like everybody else. Hence low self-esteem is the beginning step towards adolescent problems, which may continue in later stages of life.

Decreased self-esteem levels can act as an amplifier in causing drug addiction among teens. Despite improving self-esteem levels, people indulge in consuming potentially addictive drugs that can reduce problems arising from low self-esteem levels. They also initiate self-talking habits that have the following adverse effects.

  • Damaging influence on how a person recognizes their bodies
  • Negative consequences by the way people express to themselves internally
  • Detrimental effects in the central and peripheral nervous system of the body
  • Development of recurring and unusual thoughts in mind
  • Suicidal thoughts that aggravates depression
  • Failing to recognize abusive behavior 
  • Non-responsive behavior

Fundamentals built upon low self-esteem can be harmful as it provokes a person to fulfill and acknowledge different things wrongly. Suboxone doctors near me are capable enough to handle patients who consume drugs and alcohol to fit in worldly conditions. Initially, drug addiction can help you escape the psychological pain, but after a while, your body becomes physically dependent on the addictive substances that put people at a greater risk of losing mental and physical health. According to the American Drug Association (ADA), many people with low self-esteem tend to abuse legally prescribed drugs for the below-mentioned reasons.

  • To calm anxiety within
  • To reduce suicidal and depressive thoughts
  • To overcome auditory and visual hallucinations
  • To address oneself positively without doubts and questions

How to improve self-esteem within?

With various drug addiction treatment options, suboxone clinics near me have the best team of doctors that identifies the driving force for one’s self-rejection. Further, they also help patients understand various causes of low self-esteem that triggers substance addiction in individuals. Depending upon their needs, every person requires different treatment; therefore, doctors with practiced hands should treat people with substance abuse. Regardless of the type of treatment that doctors offer, it is essential to shift their thinking from positive to negative. Unlearning self-devaluing thoughts can lead to positivity in a person’s life.

Multiple therapeutic and psychiatric services are only helpful when suboxone doctors in Rockland try to understand their patient’s minds. The goal is to address self-worth and self-esteem issues that cause behavioral problems to increase. Individuals with low self-esteem often feel rejected from “normative groups” and try to find an environment where they could live peacefully. During the overall treatment, patients and their parents need to update themselves with a lot of psycho-education to learn about reasons for drug dependence, symptoms of diseases, and causes for self-rejection in a person. 

The intensive therapies at the suboxone clinic allow a person to express their thoughts and opinions individually. Further, therapists also help individuals in planning their future at professional levels. Different therapies offered by rehabilitation centers can help to achieve recovery in substance addiction cases.

  • Motivational questioning
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on mental trauma
  • Harm reduction treatment
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy


Without examining symptoms and disorders, individuals are at a greater risk of losing time on treatment. Initial treatment not only saves a person from other mental issues but also improves self-esteem conditions. Waiting to get proper treatment may delay your personal and professional growth along with psychological well-being. By addressing the symptom of low self-esteem, you probably can overcome multiple issues associated with the low self-esteem factor.

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