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Workout Like Fergie: Fergie Workout Routine

fergie workout

The woman looks amazingly cute while running, doesn’t she? If you want to follow Fergie’s workout routine, I found it posted on this website , check it out below:

The two-hour intense Fergie workout:


Cardio training:We do a half-hour, three- to five-mile run or a 45-50 minute five-mile run. We don’t run at a fast pace.

After that we break down the muscle groups:

Shoulders: We work the front and back of the shoulder, using 1.5kg weights. We do front raises for two minutes then side raises for two minutes, with as many repetitions as she can fit in. The key is to do a lot of them. Have a break then go overhead with straight arms.

Biceps:She does regular bicep curls using rubber bands. Stand with your feet apart , holding the handles so you do front curl with your arms very close to your chest and from there you do right arm, then left arm then both together. Do 20-25 on each arm.

Triceps:We lift a long bar on the bench as she lays back her back, for 20-25 reps. Then I get her to do as many tight push-ups as she can. It might be one, four or sometimes up to 25.

Legs and butt:We don’t do weights because her legs are naturally toned but we do squats. I stand in front of her and she holds onto my wrist, arms crossed, opening her feet a bit wider than hip width apart, with feet outward, holding onto me so she can sit back all the way. This works her quads and butt muscles. We do around 15-20, in three sets. If she does a five-mile run she doesn’t do a leg workout.

Yoga:We do yoga movements on the ground; she’s really flexible. We do the chair pose and hold it for up to three minutes. Then we use ‘warrior’ one and two position for up to 2.5 minutes, holding the position to strengthen whatever leg is in the front.

Abs:We start with basic crunches and go without a break. You start adding things each time. Then we lift up her legs to a 90-degree angle. Then she does legs straight out in front, with shoulder blades off the ground. Do 20 in each variation.

Cool down: Whatever muscles you worked out, stretch them out for at least 3 minutes. Relax and get your breathing down. While lying on your back stretching out, bring your right leg towards your chest while the left is down. Swap sides. Spends 15 minutes cooling down.  From
Fergie works out 6 times a week; her trainer is Natasha Kufa. Good work Natasha!

Lovely Gossip Girl star Blake Lively looks like a goddess

blake lively

Lovely Lively on the set of Gossip Girl. We love Blake Lively – she’s fit, she’s healthy, and she’s not into being just another one of the “skinny celebrities” out there starving themselves, getting DUI’s, and getting caught up in scandals. She’s smart, grounded, and talented. This California girl comes from a Southern family who moved out West when her dad got a job working on the Dukes of Hazzard.